Home Featured Usha Uthup celebrates paraplegic achievers on International Spinal Cord Injury Day –September 5th

Usha Uthup celebrates paraplegic achievers on International Spinal Cord Injury Day –September 5th

Usha Uthup celebrates paraplegic achievers on International Spinal Cord Injury Day –September 5th
"Mastermoshai", a play by The Red Curtain was staged by SSWB on Sep 5, 2016

Usha Uthup celebrates paraplegic achievers on International Spinal Cord Injury Day –September 5th

Kolkata, September 5, 2017: On the occasion of International Spinal Cord Injury Day, celebrated each year on September 5, the Spine Society West Bengal (SSWB) is releasing a special music video celebrating the achievements of those who have now become role models for society after having suffered a traumatic spinal condition.


The anthem titled “Yes We Can” is sung by the very renowned Usha Uthup with Rivu composing the music and Anirban Datta providing the lyrics in Bengali. Conceptualised by Sumit Lai Roy the a music video titled “Oh, Yes We Can”- is in line with the international theme selected for 2017 for Spinal Cord Injury Day.


In India, there are teeming millions of people who suffer from spinal cord injury. Though there is no proper epidemiological study, it is estimated from pilot studies that the incidence is 20 per million population and the main mode of injury is fall from height which could be due to fall from un-protected terrace, tree, electricity pole, overloaded bullock carts / tractors / buses / trucks etc. Road traffic accidents are the second most common mode of injury and are on the increase.  These injuries lead to lifelong paralysis that has devastating physical, mental, social, sexual and vocational consequences for the injured. Not only the individual, but members of the family also undergo considerable mental and physical trauma as caregivers.
The objective of dedicating a day internationally for this cause is to help create an inclusive environment for patients. It is through Prevention that many such damages can be avoided and the International Spinal Cord Day hopes to create awareness about the ways we can avoid injuries as well focus on rehabilitation programmes.


To help encourage the disabled to lead normal lives, SSWB is making efforts to use various form of  Arts to showcase the talents and achievements of those unfortunate souls who have been affected by this devastating injury and yet have been leading fruitful lives. Last year, SSWB had staged a play by The Red Curtain called “Mastermoshai” which celebrated the productive roles that those with spinal cord injuries have in society. This year, to celebrate the willpower of these icons the song “Oh, Yes We Can” by Usha Uthup will be released. SSWB wishes to thank all these heroes who in spite of the trauma continue to provide inspiration to fellow-paraplegics and the society at large.


Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Kunal Sengupta, President of Spine Society West Bengal (SSWB), said: “One cannot turn back time, but one can definitely make one’s existence worthwhile. A disability in body need not translate to a disability of the mind. I wish to salute the will power and resilience of these powerful people and we hope to make their lives better through our initiatives


SSWB has listed out the causes that usually lead to spinal cord injury and the simple prevention methods to avoid a spine injury.

The Five common Causes are:

  • Motor Vehicle accidents
  • Falls
  • Sport and Recreational Activities
  • Diving accidents
  • Violence


The Five Fundas to Prevention:

  • Wearing a seatbelt both in front and rear of the car; avoiding mobile calls and texts
  • Using strong ladders at home
  • Wearing proper sports gear while playing and never slide head first
  • Always dive feet first, avoid over the ground pools
  • Never underestimate a risk and overestimate your ability


The day is being celebrated and commemorated internationally and nationwide.

 Dr Saumyajit Basu, Secretary of the Association of Spine Surgeons of India(ASSI) said “We as a body are committed to the cause and would work closely with the Government, NGOs, schools, health organisations and corporates to help people with paralysed conditions to lead a life of self-respect and dignity. We hope to cultivate an eco-system that encourages everyone affected by this condition to be able to chase their dreams.


About SSWB


Founded in 2014, The Spine Society of West Bengal has been formed with the active participation of eminent spine surgeons of West Bengal with patronage from eminent international spine surgeons as a non-political platform to create awareness for the benefit of the public, provide training to orthopaedic and neurosurgeons who wish to update their knowledge, conduct courses and workshops to spreads awareness of spinal surgery and increase awareness on spinal problems affecting society.