Farmer’s Friends Mahindra YUVO and JIVO – Mahindra launches technologically advanced 4 Wheel Drive Tractor Range in West Bengal

Mahindra 4WD range on the YUVO and JIVO platform 4
Mahindra 4WD range on the YUVO and JIVO platform 4
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Mahindra launches technologically advanced 4 Wheel Drive Tractor Range in West Bengal

Mahindra YUVO and JIVO to set new benchmarks in productivity and performance 

India moves ahead into the world of technologically advanced agriculture and organic farming. Central government and State Governments are giving support to the farmers to enhance their skills and technical support equipment.

Keeping this new opportunity in vision and making it a new scope for expansion Mahindra launched two cutting-edge 4WD range on the YUVO and JIVO platform, at 45HP and 24HP.

The products are placed well in the spectrum of needs for the small to medium level farmers in mind.


  • Mahindra’s 4WD range on the YUVO and JIVO platform, at 45HP and 24HP, are most suitable for agri applications in Paddy, Potato, and Horticulture
  • This range will be the most powerful in the industry with maximum torque, fuel efficiency and PTO HP as compared to the competition
  • YUVO & JIVO are equipped with 4WD capability for optimum traction and feature DiGiSENSE, a connected technology for remote access and monitoring of tractors
  • YUVO 4WD is a 45 HP tractor which delivers superior performance on heavier implements like Rotavator and Potato Planter & Digger
    • 18% back up torque, the highest in the industry
    • 400 hours service interval for better productivity & efficiency
    • 15 gear speeds, first offering in this category for more agri speed options
    • Most advanced Hydraulics
- 1500 Kg lift capacity
    • Best-in-class ergonomics for enhanced comfort and convenience
  • JIVO 4WD is a 24 HP tractor which offers multi-application suitability with superior performance in crop care as well as land preparation
    • PTO power of 22 HP for superior performance in rotation
    • Powered by Mahindra DI engine that provides best-in-class fuel efficiency and torque
    • Automatic Depth & Draft Control (ADDC) – ideal for land preparation activities
    • Top speed of 25 KMPH which allows more trips to move farm produce
  • Attractively priced, starting at Rs. 7.12 lakhs for YUVO 45 HP 4WD (575 DI) and Rs. 4.21 lakhs for JIVO 24 HP 4WD (245 DI) variants, ex West Bengal
  • Both tractors will be retailed by Mahindra’s dealer network of 138 customer touchpoints in West Bengal and will be available with immediate effect. 

May 4 2018, Kolkata: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), a part of the USD 19 billion Mahindra Group, today announced the launch of its 4 Wheel Drive (4WD) range of tractors under the YUVO and JIVO brands, in the state of West Bengal. The tractors are priced attractively, starting at Rs. 7.12 lakhs for the YUVO 45 HP 4WD (575 DI) and Rs. 4.21 lakhs for the JIVO 24 HP 4WD (245 DI) variants, ex-West Bengal. The tractors will be available across the state through Mahindra’s wide network of 138 customer touch points, with immediate effect.

The 4 Wheel Drive feature will provide better traction in slippery or uneven terrain, thereby improving productivity. All 4WD tractors are also equipped with advanced technologies such as DiGiSENSE and both these features are designed to bring inconvenience and ease of operation while ensuring a manifold increase in productivity and efficiency for farming operations.

Speaking at the launch, Shubhabrata Saha, Chief of Operations, Farm Division, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. said, “At Mahindra, we drive Rural Prosperity by pioneering farm technology which increases productivity substantially and, in turn, improves farm income. Our advanced tractor technology has been very successful in transforming the lives of farmers by enabling them with more efficient ways of farming and optimum use of resources.” 

Mr. Saha further added, “We take great pride in presenting a state-of-the-art 4WD product range which will set new benchmarks in productivity in the industry. This 4WD range will provide ease of farming, better productivity and fuel-efficient farming solutions to farmers. This range will be a powerful solution for the fast-growing horticulture segment and will cater to rising mechanization in paddy and potato cultivation.”

Launched two years ago, the YUVO has become the fastest growing tractor brand in India. Built on a completely independent platform with a unique and industry first 12F+3R full constant-mesh gearbox in the category, Mahindra YUVO is highly versatile and can be used across more than 30 different farming applications. The advanced technology of the YUVO range helps serve the diverse needs of farmers – from land preparation to harvesting as well as post-harvesting requirements, enabling them do more, faster and better.

Developed ground up, the Mahindra JIVO is a highly versatile tractor that can be used across multiple applications including crop care, land preparation and inter culture activities. The Mahindra JIVO has been designed keeping in mind the latent needs of the horticulture and row crop farming segment and is the ideal choice for the farmer owing to its narrow and compact build and high power. As Mahindra’s first sub 25HP 4WD tractor, it offers high performance that leads the segment with best-in-class torque and fuel efficiency.

Mahindra YUVO

The YUVO is the result of an extensive research and development program by Mahindra’s project team who collected feedback from customers across 12 states. More than 7000 inputs went into developing the YUVO which was then put through 140,000 hours of lab and field testing across 12 states covering relevant applications.

The YUVO offers several new tech features in the 30 – 45 HP range. It is designed to deliver superior performance in farming operations in any soil condition and offers versatility to carry out over 30 applications, thus making it ideal for use in any part of India.

The YUVO 4WD’s powerful engine with planetary drive and 15 gear-speed transmission makes it the most suitable tractor for all Agri applications. The drop down front axle is specially designed for cultivation of crops like paddy. It will set new benchmarks in this tractor segment with its class leading PTO of 41.1 HP, a maximum back up torque of 23% and the best in class fuel efficiency.

The YUVO’s promise of Zyada Jaldi Behtar Performance is extended by the 4WD variant. It has several class-leading features including:
  • 18% back up torque, the highest in the industry
  • 400 hours service interval, the longest in the segment which helps save time and improves productivity & efficiency
  • 15 gear speeds – the first offering in this category – for more agri speed options
  • Most advanced hydraulics
- 1500 Kg lift capacity
  • Best-in-class ergonomics for more comfort around operating platform for farmers


Mahindra JIVO 

The Mahindra JIVO is a new-age, superior technology small tractor platform in the sub 25HP category. It is suitable for row crop and horticulture farming with engine power of 24HP and PTO power of 22HP.

After its successful introduction and proven performance in Maharashtra’s vineyards, the JIVO is set for launch in West Bengal too. The JIVO is a compact 24 HP 4WD tractor, offering best-in-class PTO HP and fuel efficiency with a stylish and comfortable design at a very attractive price.

The Mahindra JIVO has several class-leading features, including:

  • Best in class fuel efficiency
  • Automatic Depth & Draft Control (ADDC) – ideal for land preparation activities
  • 8 forward + 4 reverse transmission – more speed options to choose from
  • Side shift gears – open floor space & comfortable gear shifting
  • High ground clearance – useful in crop care applications
  • 2 Speed PTO – for improved rotavator application
  • 750 KG lift capacity – best-in-class lift allows deployment of large implements
  • High top speed of 25 KMPH – more trips to move farm produce
  • Highest PTO power – for continuous spraying in vineyard applications


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