Mrunalini Thakur, the mystery Muse of SRS’s movies

Mrunalini Thakur, the mystery Muse of SRS's movies
Mrunalini Thakur, the mystery Muse of SRS's movies
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Mrunalini Thakur, the mystery Muse of SRS’s movies

Q1: Tell us about your childhood and grown up story?

Ans 1: I was born on 25th March 1986 in a middle-class Kshatriya family in Mumbai, Maharashtra. I have three siblings.

My family was very encouraging and progressive minded.

My parents left no stone unturned to bring best in our upbringing.

My mother, late Sadhana Singh Thakur was a supremely creative and spiritual lady. She was very much loved by the people around because of her qualities.

I was immensely attracted towards creativity and art right from my childhood and it grew with time resulting in where I’m today.

Q 2: What attracted you to begin a career as an actor?

Ans :  It is the ability of an actor to play different roles attracted me to begin a career as an actor.

My father Jitendra Thakur who is a government employee was very much fond of movies .

And mother, Sadhana was a Classical singer and a teacher.

It became obvious for me to tilt towards art.

In our family, we all use to sit together with great enthusiasm and watch Mythological serials.

Father was the one, ensuring that we all watch it together.

I started working in BPO’S for a US process in Malad, Mumbai.

During our training period before going on the floor, I used to buy tickets and go and watch movies.

During my graduation period, I used to watch movies by bunking college. I remember I had watched Amir Khan and Karol’s movie “FANNA “.

While working in Corporates I never felt that thrill I was seeking for.

I was trying my luck in the visual medium and after two years, I, fortunately, met Director Dr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar through social media thereby giving a new dimension to my life.

Q3: How do you feel being part of ” Death Of Spring ” which is directed by award-winning director Dr. Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar? 

Ans: It was like a dream come true because I contacted him through social media, and he responded fast.

I had never imagined of it happening so soon, though I had heard of many other actors getting dream roles; and directors reaching out to them.

I went to Kolkata a couple of times for workshop and even then I was not sure If I will be in his projects. I went there to learn from him.

After he announced the project, and he said we would be traveling to France for the shoot, I was in a state of disbelief.

My experience of shooting for my first international project in such an amazing location was no less than a blessing.

The experience of working with the team, understanding the unique technique of the Director, his crew members were all together with an amazing feeling.

It is the most beautiful moment of my life to work in his movie.

His movies are so different from the current set of movies coming out of India.

He is a very hard taskmaster. The best part about his work is he creates magic on screen with the minimalistic crew.

Q4: Recently you came back to India after finishing your shoot in France, what is your experience working with foreign co-actors?

Ans 4:  It was a great learning experience shooting with the foreign actors.

They are methodical, very much inquisitive and willing to learn.

They have their questions ready, which they ask the director, and they are ready to experiment also. I seek to work with foreign actors again and again because of the amazing qualities of adaptability.

Q5: Define your character you played in the movie “Death Of Spring “?

Ans 5: My character in the movie was unique. I played the role of an angel who transforms into a human being and later on into Satan, to experience the sufferings of this world.

It was a deeply psychological and disturbing role.

It left me questioning my own existence, my emotions and my belief pattern.

Q6: As an actor, what have you learned from the director of the film “Death Of Spring”?

Ans 6 : There is infinite learning from the director of our film Dr.Sudeep Ranjan Sarkar, SRS as we commonly know. I learnt sincerity, complete focus and dedication towards art.

As an actor I learnt to push myself to the extremes and yet still not be satisfied. I have seen and learnt how he works with the team, how he keeps on pushing himself and pushes others to bring out the best in them.

For him, there is no limit to creativity when he sets his mind upon something.

For SRS, even the sky is not the limit; you will never know what is coming up next.

There is a great sense of excitement and learning while working with him.

Q7: What are the upcoming projects in your basket?

Ans 7: I’m working in his next three projects – “Best Of Us, to be shot in USA.

MAARASIM – a relationship drama and “Notes to a lover ” an art movie.

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