Rise of “Anmol Sharma” from Mr. Teen Globe International to Bollywood

Anmol Sharma from Bollywood
Anmol Sharma from Bollywood

Rise of “Anmol Sharma” from Mr Teen Globe International to Bollywood

There are people who define their name through paternal heritage, and then some by hard work and by working on their dreams, day and night. One amongst them is “Anmol Sharma” born and brought up in Jammu. He did his schooling from Heritage School, Jammu and presently is pursuing his graduation and post-graduation dual degree in BBA-MBA from Lovely Professional University.

Anmol has been using his looks in the right direction as he grew his participation in various modelling events which attracted many big names and platforms towards him. As a fact, this boy has never been interested in Modelling but always had a great interest in taekwondo. He is a Black Belt and an International Gold Medalist in Taekwondo.

Anmol’s journey started in his College when he was titled as “MR Fresher” amongst 17000 students. After which, his friends insisted him to take part in pageants. He started Modelling and took part in Mr Jammu (riders of the ramp ), Mr India Teen Youth World, Mr Teen Globe International India, and proved to be successful by winning those titles. 

28th July 2019, the day he won the prestigious title of “Mr Teen Globe International” at Malaysia was not any ordinary achievement for him, as Teens from more than 14 countries participated to win such genuine-looking talent competition.

As a matter of fact, Anmol is the first individual to win the title of Mr Teen for India proving it to be a proud moment for all of us as well. He has been working in Theatres and has been a part of a few famous plays like “Tu kya rota hai Girdhar” and “Jamure Ustaad” which got tremendous response from the public. He has also been the second lead in the movie named “Tu he hai Aashiqui”.

There is no second thought about the fact that if given the right opportunities, Anmol one day will turn every penny into a shining diamond in the Bollywood industry. His hard work and dedication will help him make all his dreams come true.