Guideline for Essential Technical Features for Ventilator for COVID-19


During the Empowered Group Meeting (for ensuring availability of essential Medical equipment) held on 30.03.2020 at 03:00 PM in Room 152 Udyog Bhawan, it was, inter alia, decided that the Technical Committee of DRDO shall identify the essential technical features for ventilators for COVID-19, which shall be put on the website of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and HLL Lifecare Ltd.

The same have been received from Director General Life Sciences, DRDO (Chairman Technical Committee) and are as below:
“Essential Technical Features for Ventilator for COVID-19

  1. The machine should be turbine/compressor based because the installation sites might not have central Oxygen Lines.
  2. The machine should have Invasive, non-invasive and CPAP features to make them versatile.
  3. 200-600 ML tidal volume, Lung Mechanics Display
  4. Monitoring of Plateau Pressure, PEEP, PS, oxygen concentration, lung mechanics/inverse ratio (I:E)
  5. Pressure & volume control & PSV
  6. Continuous working capability for 4-5 days”

Source : Ministry of Health & Family Welfare


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