Webinar on “Oxygen Enrichment Technology” developed by CSIR-CMERI

CMERI Main Building
CMERI Main Building

Webinar on “Oxygen Enrichment Technology” developed by CSIR-CMERI

A webinar was conducted by Br. MSME –Development  Institute, Varanasi, Government of India in association with CSIR – Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute, Durgapur on 03.05.2021 towards dissemination of awareness on the Oxygen Enrichment Technology developed by CSIR-CMERI to the MSMEs and other entrepreneurs, amidst the crisis of Oxygen. Mr. Umesh Singh, Jt. Commissioner of Industries, Varanasi Zone addressed the session as Chief Guest. Mr. L.B.S. Yadav, Jt. Director, Br. MSME-DI, Varanasi, Mr. R. K. Chaudhary, Asstt. Director, Br. MSME-DI along with Mr. Rajesh Bhatia, President, IIA, Varanasi,Mr.Piyush Agrawal, Vice President, ASSOCHAM, UPand Mr. D.S. Mishra from Ramnagar Industries also participated in the webinar.

Prof. Harish Hirani, Director, CSIR-CMERI elaborated in detail the technical mechanism and functioning of the Oxygen Enrichment Unit (OEU) and termed it as a lifesaver in many of the cases. Prof.Hirani mentioned that our country is producing a sufficient amount of Oxygen which can fulfill the demands of the patients. However, there are some bottlenecks in logistics and supply chain management that need to be addressed. OEU of CSIR-CMERI would be an alternative to the present crisis of Oxygen cylinders which also saves the transportation and refueling cost in comparison to Oxygen cylinders. Prof.Hirani said that the purpose of conducting such webinars is spreading the technical awareness and handholding of all concerned to fight the pandemic unitedly.

Prof.Hirani added that though the Oxygen Concentrators are available in the market since long but the indigenous technology developed by the Institute has several additional features which can be utilized at home, small and mohalla clinics and high altitude and remote rural areas. The unit may also be integrated with BiPAP and can be installed as a Mini ICUs at smaller hospitals.  Even in a Post-COVID scenario, OEUs may be beneficial for ailing aged persons, immature babies as well as Therapeutic Usage of Oxygen. The technology can also be customised as per the requirements of the situation. CSIR-CMERI commits to provide all sorts of assistance to the MSME partners in terms of technical training and raw materials sourcing. A virtual meeting would also be arranged post technology transfer for maintenance and trouble shooting. Government of India has sanctioned to procure one lakh portable Oxygen Concentrators under the PM CARES Fund to be manufactured by the domestic manufacturers using the CSIR indigenous technology. This may give an impetus to the MSMEs as well as help import substitution in the field.

Mr. Umesh Singh, Jt. Commissioner of Industries, Varanasi Zone appreciated Prof.Hirani for helping MSMEs and entrepreneurs through such webinars and told it is the need of the hour. He added that the present Oxygen crisis is unprecedented and with the help of CSIR-CMERI developed technology MSMEs may come forward to breeze the gap in the demand and supply of Oxygen at the earliest possible. He also informed that within a very short span of time Oxygen plant has been installed in surrounding Varanasi and some are being planned to be installed.

Mr. D.S. Mishra of Ramnagar Industries praised for timely spreading of awareness and sharing of information amongst the stakeholders in the society and said that unnecessary hording of Oxygen cylinders is also one of the reasons for the present crisis.

Mr. Rajesh Bhatia, President, IIA, Varanasi also lauded MSME DI and Director, CSIR-CMERI for coming forward with the webinar on the subject and said that the industries are working relentlessly in fulfilling the Oxygen demands and MSMEs can play important role in this regard.

Mr. Piyush Agrawal, Vice President, ASSOCHAM, Uttar Pradesh  stated that the requirement of Oxygen  is very high at themoment but the supply is not up to the demand and it seems that we have reached to the saturation level. Hence captive plants are now need of the hour and concentrators would be needed for each of the homes.

L.B.S. Yadav, Jt. Director acknowledged the significant role played by CSIR-CMERIin its efforts of bridging the Oxygen’s demand and supply gap in the country and made a call to the MSMEs for taking the advantage of the Institute’s technology for the benefit of maximum number of people in the country. Mr. Rajesh Kumar Chaudhary, Asstt. Director coordinated the webinar and presented Vote of Thanks.

The seminar was very lively and all the MSMEs, entrepreneurs and start-ups attending the webinar were keenly interested about the CSIR-CMERI developed OEU and were eager to know the details of the technology, its cost aspects, capital and finance required to start production, statutory requirement towards testing of the technology, how to start up the fabrication immediately etc. 

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