President Putin greeted Pokrovsky Cathedral National Patriotic Festival of Bard Songs members

Vladimir Putin President of Russia
Vladimir Putin President of Russia

Vladimir Putin sent a message of greetings to participants and guests of the Pokrovsky Cathedral National Patriotic Festival of Bard Songs.

Russia,May 16, 2021

“In our country bard songs have always enjoyed a special love of listeners of different ages and generations. Talented, poetic music composed and written by wonderful authors from the bottom of their hearts are consonant with our present as well, and this is why they will happily live on.

It is pleasing that your large-scale festival continues the original traditions of this unique song genre. It presents both experienced artists and gifted youth to the jury and spectators. I am confident that the Pokrovsky Cathedral festival will be a big and vivid celebration and will be remembered for its full and interesting programme.”

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