Surgical marathon of Sawai Mansingh Hospital ENT experts on black fungus continues in Rajasthan

Surgical marathon of Sawaimansingh Hospital ENT practitioners on black fungus continues in Rajasthan
Surgical marathon of Sawaimansingh Hospital ENT practitioners on black fungus continues in Rajasthan
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Surgical marathon of SMS ENT practitioners on black fungus continues in Rajasthan

Inputs in Hindi & Photo By Rajender Kumar, Rajasthan,23 May 2021:

SSM physicians presented example of humanity, gave relief to patients of black fungus by operation

-Black Fungus Learn, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Methods

Jaipur, 23 May. Black Fungus after Kovid-19 has shocked everyone. Mucor mycosis after corona infection is affecting patients recovering from Kovid. After which the state government declared it an epidemic.

After declaring an epidemic, the doctors of Sawai Mansingh Hospital have prepared a special strategy to deal with it, taking a pledge to provide relief to the victims by presenting non-stop operations for humanity. Over 45 Black fungus/ Mucormycosis operations have been performed by the team of doctors till Sunday.

This is how the round started
Black fungus / Mucormycosis was increasing among patients recovering from corona across the country, including Rajasthan. After which it was declared an epidemic. Sawai Mansingh Medical College Principal Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, Head of ENT Department, Dr. Sunita Agarwal, Senior Professor Dr. Man Prakash Sharma, Dr. Sunil Samadhani and their team started work on giving immediate relief after discussing it. In this, the team of experts including senior doctors of ENT department, Dr. Pawan Singhal, Dr. Anjani Kumar Sharma, Dr. Shubham Agarwal, anesthetist Dr. Sunita Meena, senior nursing officer Kailash Swarnakar started the work on it.

Surgical marathon of Sawaimansingh Hospital ENT practitioners on black fungus continues in Rajasthan
Surgical marathon of Sawaimansingh Hospital ENT practitioners on black fungus continues in Rajasthan

Dr. Acharya Singhal, Senior Acharya of the ENT Department told that starting from 8 am on Friday, more than 45 patients have been given relief by operation till Sunday. Right now the work is going on to provide relief to the patients along with the entire team.

Dr. Singhal said that there is a danger of black fungus after corona infection. There is no need to panic. It is important to seek treatment in careful and expert medical advice. It is common to have a risk of loss of eyesight. In addition, this black fungus is reaching the patient’s brain through the eyes. Therefore, binoculars and other techniques in the patient remove the fungal part to the eyes and brain.

Know what is Mucormycosis, i.e. black fungus
Black fungus with corona infection is seen these days. The medical name of the black fungus is mucormycosis. Which is a rare and dangerous fungal infection? Black fungus infection occurs due to the presence of microorganisms called mucormycosis present in places like the environment, soil. There is a possibility of these microorganisms inhaling or getting into skin contact. This infection often attacks the sinuses, lungs, skin, and brain in the body.

It is necessary to have a timely operation, in the event of its treatment, the life of the patient can also be lost.

These kinds of patients are coming here
Dr. Singhal said that till now patients with symptoms like nasal stuffiness, swelling on the cheeks, patches of fungus inside the mouth, and swelling in the eyelids, are coming.

Surgical will continue on black fungus
Dr. Pawan Singhal informed that in SMS the team will continue work on the black fungus. All the members associated with the ENT team are working continuously day and night.

Take special care of it
Dr. Pawan Singhal, senior doctor of ENT department told that presently takes all special care during corona infection.

If you have these symptoms, then you will alert
Swelling on face, eyes,
Dark brown spots on nose
Change the color of the skin of the face and palate (skin)
Have trouble seeing with eyes

There is more danger in them

Organ transplant
Decreased white blood cell
Prolonged steroid use
Use of drugs
Nutritional deficiency
Premature birth

Do this to prevent black fungus

  1. Avoid life in a dusty area and use a mask
  2. Avoid exposure to dirty and infected water
  3. Eat things that strengthen the immune system
  4. Do Yoga and Exercise

Keep these things in mind:
During this time, do not take steroids without medical advice.
Regular check-up of sugar is done.
Do not take any kind of medicine, especially without doctor’s advice.
Special: Keep changing it with regular intake of the mask.

Congratulations to the doctors
After declaring an epidemic, the doctors of Sawai Mansingh Hospital are receiving good wishes through social media from all over the world including Rajasthan on the operation being done by making special strategies to deal with it. This spirit of doctors has been saluted on social media.

for more information contact Dr. Pawan Singhal

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