Another side of the coin is the Startup Business News – Resurgence of industry and service sector in West Bengal

IBG NEWS - Business Talk 13 Nov 2021
IBG NEWS - Business Talk 13 Nov 2021
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Another side of the coin is the Startup Business News – Resurgence of industry and service sector in West Bengal

Many experts have reviewed the situation of the West Bengal industry and success story in a multifaceted style, but here we will discuss how some startups are changing the entire story in a promising landscape.

The Government of West Bengal must support such an opportunity at door and the People of the state to grab the next tech revolution meaningfully.

Even Swastha Swathi Cards can be a true help for people by attaching this platform called My Doctor Rank.

A story of a protagonist of the Tech world in today’s IBG NEWS Business Talk

How West Bengal Startup Changing the Health Care Service Delivery World in the Pandemic.

The story of a Tech Masiha Mr Anil P Kastuaar, known as APK.

Mr.Anil P. Kastuar is known for his game-changing ideas in IT initiatives for more than forty-five years.

As Founder & MD of Rank tech Solutions Private Limited. and Innovator of world’s first Video Banking Solution & Digital Business Video platforms;, expertise in Manufacturing Industries Operations & IT domains.

CEO Magazine identified Rank Teah Solutions as the company of the year 2021.

Earlier in his career, he created the path for the Business Transformation Management, SAP & other ERPs for large & SME segments. Strategic Business Intelligence solutions, Manufacturing Enterprise Systems for Shop Floor control and its Integration with Top Floor.

The Doctor at your door service through My Doctor Rank App brings your Doctor on your mobile. Is going to change the Health Care consultation service world in a big way.

The Pandemic has created a new business opportunity for people who think about human issues with a passionate heart. One such success story for Kolkata-based Tech Start-up could have been a masterstroke for West Bengal startup story in every household of Bengal and Beyond.

The Pandemic has taken away the jobs from many, yet it has created the space for living life online and a new business model to succeed.

The most affected area was daily wage labors, Covid Warrior Doctors and support staff, Common people, Education, logistics, etc.

Mr.Anil P. Kastuar and His company Rank Tech Solutions made it a point that PM and other national leaders call for Make In India with a blended passion for the social responsibility for human problems is to be demonstrated in the ground.

APK has identified a few service sectors for changing the business model with unified video blended solution to take the Virtual reality and actual reality blend into the next level.

One such sector is HealthCare.

People getting it difficult to visit doctors as transportation is closed, chances of infection for people with high medical vulnerability.

At the same time, even a few doctors cannot visit their chambers.

To connect the missing dots of the problem area and provide uninterrupted services, Rank Tech Solutions developed a unique Video Telehealth & Appointment booking platform for ordinary people and doctors to join at an unbelievably low cost per consultation model.

People can consult doctors face to face through a video call with all facilities to share Medical reports and data online securely upcoming features for Xray, MRI, CT SCAN, etc too.

Doctors can register with 2500 Rupees per year +GST and patients can have A doctor can have multiple patients consult with him or her as per their convenience.     

The patient will just pay the doctor’s fees plus 99 rupees per consultation as a service charge +GST. Less than feed for one meal,

They can avoid the risk and cost of travel. Have multiple consultations without moving back and forth physically.

When we spoke with Mr. Anil P Kaastuaar and asked about the reason behind this unique platform.

He said, today if you travel from the area in Dunlop to a clinic at South Kolkata, a taxi or cab will charge somewhere 600-700 rupees on each side.

Also, you need 4 Hours or Travel time minimum by road depending on the location as travel time. Waiting at the chamber you keep another 1-2 hours depending on your booking number.

So, the patient loses the entire day. On top of it, 1500-2000 Rupees will be your travel cost.

Now, if this is the cost within the city limit, think about what will happen to a person traveling to Kolkata from North Bengal or any other district?

A big-time worry for anyone under this pandemic condition.

We removed all these problems with one Video-based unified call managed consultation environment called “My Doctor Rank”.

This is an opportunity for West Bengal and any Government and Private Players to attach and provide service managed by Hi Tech Team.

Setting up Hi tech Clinic is easy, but bringing Doctors and patients together in this Pandemic and busy traffic is difficult.

When the USA, Bahrain, Bangladesh, and other states are encouraging the Kolkata firm with order West Bengal Government and her sister’s concerns are yet to look into the opportunity actively, which is a little surprising for the industry loving Government’s image.

A definite case study for the Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and her IT minister to encourage this success story in every household to attach faith in Brand Bengal. Government initiative to support products and service building out of Kolkata to build the image of brand Bengal.

What Rank Tech Solutions Thinks today becomes the standard of the future in the Solution and service delivery world.

Let’s connect with My Doctor Rank App and have a worry-free healthy life.

Your Health is your wealth. Have My Doctor Rank by your side” says APK.

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