In the Lions Land of Masai Mara – Kajal’s Call of the Wild

Author - Kajal Bhattacharyay7
Author - Kajal Bhattacharyay7

Africa the name is enough to set many moods to each and every individual’s mind. A land of hope, A land of mystery or a Land of Wilderness but in all senses it is the land of thrill and adventure set by my mother nature.

Suddenly our US and Middle East editor Kajal Bhattacharyay took an off from his busy schedule and just disappeared for few days but when he return back from the treasure haunt it was a Cherry on the icing. 

It was “Call of the Wild” it was Masai Mara and the Land of “Chander Pahar” for all Bengali young at heart.

Though he was on a personal trip but he shared some of his memories through the lens and see the awesomeness of Africa.