An Evening with 93.5 Red FM – Roaming inside RJ’s World

RJ Praveen
RJ Praveen

An Evening with 93.5 Red FM – Roaming inside RJ’s World

When 93.5 RED FM called me somewhere in the first week of March 2018 and informed that their RJ interviews have been scheduled on 15th March at 3 pm, a latent world of radio jockeys was going to be unfolded. Thanks to 93.5 RED FM for this opportunity.

As I stepped into the radio station the first question I asked, would Praveen and his team have time because my interviews would take a lot of time, since I do not believe in a set pattern of questions while exploring a person. As each RJ gave me their time turn by turn, each one of them unraveled a treasure of experience. What an opportunity to spend an evening with the RJs who have been “On air” friends of millions of people in the city.

As the evening went by the entertainer’s world stretched out to reveal what goes behind the scene, what do the best minds of radio think when they connect with the city listeners every day and what are their personal takes on most relevant issues of our time.

One by one each RJ of 93.5 RED FM Praveen, Nilam, Abhishek, Dev, and last but not the least Neil spoke about their love for this profession, the common passion of connecting with people and their drive to be more creative every day .

Initially we had planned to finish the interview within 1 hours’ time but when we closed, the clock overshot by 3 hours. The interactions were so engaging that time flew in a jiffy. For this set of interviews we planned to feature them in our upcoming section called “Million Dollar Question”, which we plan to continue with interviews of superstars from different walks of life.

The common set of questions we placed in front of the Team 93.5 RED FM were :

  1. If you find yourself lost in an island along with your RJ friends what will you do?
  2. If one helicopter comes to rescue your team but only 4 can go will you stay back and let your friends go?
  3. After staying back you got a treasure trove will share it and what would you do with that?
  4. If God bless you with 3 boons what will you ask for?
  5. When you look back do you feel you thought to be come RJ?

We started our conversation with none other than Mr. Praveen Sethia, the Maharaja RJ of radio world. He is truly a friendly natured person and extremely down to earth. While speaking to him we couldn’t even understand how time passed so fast! He shared about his life and his struggle to attain this pinnacle of success. However, what stayed with me was his infectious smile, bubbling energy and edgy wit!

Then we had RJ Dev, a composed man who described himself an introvert by nature but always curious to learn. Dev maintains a perfect balance between his family life and his successful career. Soft spoken and keen observer, Dev can  participate in any discussion and add a definite value to it.

As soon as we finished with Dev, RJ Nilam joined us for the chat. A native of Kolkata’s twin city Howrah, Nilam started her career with Akashvani. We went on with our questions but her energetic and powerful personality brought out several strong discussion points like women empowerment, society’s attitude towards women, child rights etc. She went on to explain how she would love her daughter to grow up to a sensible and independent woman. Undoubtedly, Nilam is  an inspiring woman who can turn any casual conversation into a meaningful discussion .

Meanwhile, Abhishek just peeped in from the live studio to check if we could start off with him as Nilam was about to leave. An ex sportsman, Abhishek took the stance with great comfort, was ready for any googly that we bowled at him. He stepped up to every query and replied like an all-rounder. Being a great believer in teamwork, he considered solidarity in a team was the mantra to success in any profession. His passion and love for sports brought the best sporting attitude out of him. The interaction with Abhishek seemed more like a candid chat with a sports and music aficionado.

In the end it was Neil’s turn to add masala to our on-going interview session. Neil is an accomplished musician as well. . He is very respectful and has a big heart with immense love for animals. His home is not less than a secure retreat for abundant animals. His ardent love for music and animals both is deeply knitted to his heart.

We will release the Million Dollar question series with our RJs meeting one by one before Bengali New Year.                                                                                                                 

Till then wait for Million Dollar Question and guess the person coming next.