Million Dollar Questions – An Interview with Mr.Anjan Lal Ace Wildlife Photographer from India

IV. A Young Samburu Male Leopard in a Resting Position, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya
IV. A Young Samburu Male Leopard in a Resting Position, Samburu National Reserve, Kenya

We are starting a new series named “Million Dollar Question” with newsmakers from the different sectors of life. 

Today we have a young entrepreneur from India who’s brand is a household name in India and elsewhere. I had a meeting with Anjan seven years back at Ranthambore, Rajasthan during Canon Wild Clicks II and Nat Geo Live Wild Life Photo Contest. Four days we spent together and he was just a teenage kid ready to explore the world at that point in time.

I told Shivang Mehta (Another Ace Wild Life Photo Guru) this boy will make a mark in the Wild. After seven years you do not need any more introduction he is now a name to be reckoned with in Wild Life photography arena.

Yes, he is Mr.Anjan Lal the man with the golden hands. We approached him for an interview and he was kind enough to spare time for us. A busy businessman yet a hardcore lover of the wildlife and photography.  The finest gentleman in the professional tough world.

IBG NEWS: A brief details of your profile for our viewers
I am a part-time wildlife photographer & entrepreneur based in New Delhi, India.

IBG NEWS: Why you took wildlife Photography as the preferred medium of expression?
As a child, I was always eager to do something related to animals. Therefore, to pursue this hobby, I took to wildlife photography.

IBG NEWS: When you started Photography?
I started photography in 2013.

IBG NEWS: What are your favorite locations in India?
Corbett & Kaziranga are by far my favorite locations to photograph wildlife in India.

IBG NEWS: What are your favorite locations outside India?
Namibia, Kenya & Tanzania happen to be my favorite international destinations.

IBG NEWS: What are your preferred types of equipment?
I normally use Canon branded cameras & lenses.

IBG NEWS: If you get a chance to shoot in polar location will you go?
Yes, why not. In fact, the North Pole is certainly on my travel itinerary.

IBG NEWS: What is your take on conservation?
According to me, conservation should be a dedicated & compassionate effort by all those who’re involved in it.

IBG NEWS: Do you feel eco-tourism must be done with people who care for the environment?
Yes, it should be a daily routine with those who’re interested in it. This will enable us to pass on the efforts of eco-tourism towards our future generations.

IBG NEWS: Do you feel capital punishment must be implemented for poachers?
Considering the number of animal lives being lost on a daily basis, the only answer for the Central Government should be to give a shoot at sight orders to all tiger reserves in India.

IBG NEWS: Your advice for young Wild Life Enthusiast?
Wildlife requires heavy-duty dedication. So, any work related to it, from eco-tourism to wildlife photography should be taken seriously & not as a joke.

IBG NEWS: Any memorable moments in Wild?
The sighting of the famous Sukhi Pathiya Tigress with her three adorable cubs at Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in March 2015.

IBG NEWS: Any dangerous encounter in Wild?
Not really though. But, there’ve been incidents of charging female elephants at Kaziranga about two years back.

IBG NEWS: What are the percussion you take for camping out in wild?
Whilst, I usually prefer to keep warm during the winters, I do take a lot of water bottles, sunscreen lotions & insect repellants to beat the heat & mosquitoes in the summer months in the wild.

IBG NEWS: If you become Prime Minister of India what your plan will be for National Park and Forests?
To enable the broadening of road paths & opening up of the enclosed 80% areas in all tiger reserves to the general public.

All Photo by Anjan Lal