Bengali Movie “Aaleya” under CBFC cut – Director Kabir is disappointed, yet will comply with sensor board decision

Aleya The Film By Humayun Kabir IPS Pic 4
Aleya The Film By Humayun Kabir IPS Pic 4

No matter you are a common man or Deputy Inspector General of Police if you have a word like “Gujarat” in your film you have to face the music of CBFC.

The latest movie “Aaleya” directed by Deputy Inspector General of Police (Traffic) Shri Humayun Kabir has been notified by CBFC to mute the word Gujarat in the film.

The suggestions made by CBFC surly is not a welcome note for the filmmakers but still, Mr. Kabir will comply with the requirement to get a possible clearance under “U/A” Tag.

The story is all about a dignified lady Cop who tries to restore the dignity of a girl child in the minority society.

A strong social message from the story must be a movie to get Tax Free status for public enlightenment but for now, scissors of CBFS is cutting it for the “Right” perspective!!!