Pushpaketu – A chest of an endearing historical orchestration of love and passionate metaphor called life, launched in Kolkata


Pushpaketu – A chest of an endearing historical orchestration of love and passionate metaphor called life, launched in Kolkata

~Anthology of passionate tales of fictional and nonfictional characters of Indian history brought to life ~

~ Smt. Bani Basu, the renowned Bengali Indian author, essayist, critic and poet graces the event by her presence and lauds the literary work ~

Kolkata, 26th June, 2018: Who does not know about the Kalinga War– one of the major and bloodiest battles ever fought in the Indian History but what about the love story that prevailed in the backdrop of Mauryan Empire? What we know might be incomplete as history has layers in it.  Every time an era gets over, it says ‘See you later’ as history never really says good bye. The book ‘Pushpaketu’ (‘God of Love’, the other name of Kamdev), a treasure of historical romance by Smt. Ananya Pal was launched this evening and was inaugurated by Smt. Bani Basu, the renowned Bengali Indian author, essayist, critic and poet. Each chapter in this book brings out a new perspective of seeing the characters of history.

While, Nirab Angikar (নীরব অঙ্গীকার) takes us back to the 300 BC, better known as the iron age of Indian history, Basantasomagome (বসন্তসমাগজম) talks about the love that propelled between King Chandragupta II and Dhruba Devi also known as Dhruvaswamini.

On this auspicious launch, Ananya Pal said, History is boring, unless you see it from the right perspective. Pushpaketu symbolises romance in history in different eras. India and its glorifying past are felt through each chapter and as you get into the aura of the characters in it, one can experience the scenario that would flutter. I have deliberately kept the language lucid, making the book readable for the mass.The book hints a continuation of the character- Pushpaketu creating inquisitiveness in its avid readers, “Pushpaketu just like history does not end, it rather continues its journey, evolving through time, giving a delight to the readers for the future”, the author further added.

India is the land of some of the famous immortal love stories. These mythical love tales are there in our history alongside the war stories. Classical love stories from Indian history and folklore are both passionate and sensuous. These tales never fail to mesmerize the romantic in all of us. These fables evoke our emotions and teach us that love is forever! Pushpaketu spectacularly looks at some of these fascinating and immortal love tales of India through its twelve chapters. While in the first ten chapters, the essence of Pushpaketu is felt, in the last two chapters, Pushpaketu evolves as a character creating amusement in its avid readers.

About the Book:

All the twelve stories of the book are a symbolic representation of that era. It comprises of characters like Ambapali, King Bimbisar, Emperor Ashoka, Dhruba Devi, Chandragupta and many more. The stories depict the emotional behaviors of Thanubala, kalanseth,Rami and Chandidas. It reveals the depressed lives of Raziya, Iyakut, Hirabai, Aurangazeb, Fouji and Mohammad Khan as such sides of these characters are often avoided in text books. Two short stories from this book have already been published in two renowned publications. ‘Amritajyoti’ got published in ‘Desh’ on 17th February 2017 and ‘BashantoShamagon’ in Bangladesh newspaper ‘Kali O Kolom’ on 17th June 2016. The rest ten stories along with two others are now available to readers.

The book not only explores the greatness and gallantness of the Kings and Emperors, but also portrays the lives of contemporary common people.  Smt. Ananya Pal wrote the book without distorting the real historical incidents. She took the challenge of penning down detective stories based on historical background and it is on the readers to decide on its accomplishment. The book has been published by Sri Arindam Basu from “ParashPathar” publication.

About the Author:

The writer is a chartered accountant by profession but she holds a keen interest in History. She has already gained much success as an author through her series of short stories. Since childhood, Ananya always aspired to be a writer. To live up to her dream, she was immensely encouraged by her daughter and husband.