The story of a Hero’s journey through life, it is a transformation of a Star to an Actor – Both reel and real life Sajnu is a total entertainer


Bollywood has been starting to go over a turning point in 2018 with its upcoming releases, the movies leaving us spell-bound and on an emotional roller coaster.

After super hit films like Raazi and October comes yet another phenomenal film by none other, Rajkumar Hirani.

The movie is true and beyond what the trailer and poster releases can explain. A must watch for all the people still anticipating over whether it would be worth it or not, I would say it’s totally worth the time and money.

The film “Sanju” is a biopic on the Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt, whose character is portrayed by Ranbir Kapoor. I would say that this is by far the best collaboration we’ve seen because together with Rajkumar Hirani’s, fabulous direction and cinematography and Ranbir Kapoor’s fantastic portrayal of Sanjay, this movie is the kick-banger that you need.

I would overall give this film an 8/10, overall, but I’ll discuss the storytelling and visuals, everything in detail. So those who want to enjoy and experience the movie themselves, I warn you to not read further than this to avoid spoilers.

The film mostly focuses on Sanju’s drug addiction and his involvement in the Mumbai blasts and Arms Act.

The film starts when Sanjay Dutt request a London based writer Winnie (Played by Anushka Sharma) to write a biography on him. It starts with the time when Sanjay was filming his debut movie “Rocky” and also the time when he began to get addicted to drugs.

His bond with his mother Nargis ( Played by Manisha Koirala) brings on the edge of tears and if you’re too sensitive like me, you may cry too. Hirani’s beautiful visuals to show his drug use leaves your mind blown as well. The visuals are just beautiful and the way Ranbir portrays the emotions of Sanjay losing his mother, his bonding with his father and his fight to leave drugs all leave you glued to the screen.

There is also a short appearance by Sonam Kapoor as Ruby, Sanjay’s first heartbreak.

The first half takes you more in-depth into Sanju’s drug addiction, the death of his mother, losing his love and befriending his new best friend, Kamlesh (played by Vicky Kaushal). The Second half focuses on the Mumbai blasts and Arms Act, and how he proves himself not to be a terrorist.

There is no doubt that Hirani proves himself to be one of the finest directors, Bollywood has. As far as Ranbir goes there are no more words to say as his talent goes to no bounds. His portrayal of Sanju his phenomenal and so accurate that at a point it would almost feel like it’s Sanjay Dutt himself. In fact every role played in the film is full of detail and accuracy, and everybody has expressed themselves to their maximum.

Vicky Kaushal ‘s portrayal of Kamlesh leaves you in the nostalgia of a best friend everyone wants in their life, as well as Paresh Rawal who plays Sunil Dutt in the movie.

In terms of acting, we should also praise Dia Mirza who plays Manyatta Dutt, Sanjay’s wife in a supporting role.

The Soundtrack of the film is very upbeat and nice as well with songs like Ruby Ruby and Har Maidan Fateh. There is also a special song in the end credits where Ranbir Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt dance together.

Hope now media will understand that blame it on anyone is not the right thing to do and spoil someone’s life to the core. The way media handled Sanjay Dutt in real life with a “?” mark is not the right thing to do, the question mark remains was he really a Khalnayak?.

But Ranvir made it a lifetime performance as because not for a single moment it was felt that someone acting on behalf of Sanjay Dutt, Ranvir always felt as real Sanju.Kudus to Ranvir such a lively acting. Sunil Dutt the legend came live through Paresh Rawal too.

Rating the film category wise, I would give:

Direction:  4.0/5

Storytelling:  3.5/5

Screenplay:  4.0/5

Visuals: 4.5/5

Dialogue: 3/5

Music: 3/5