Does Kolkata Bridges leads a sure way to hale? – Majherhat Bridge collapse a nightmare for all

Majherhat Bridge

Kolkata the City of joy, Kolkata the Cultural capital of India so many names given by the world for this vibrant city of India. But now Kolkata can be called as the capital of collapsing bridges, well the recent incidents may lead to such naming.

Yesterday’s unfortunate incident of Majherhat Bridge collapse hit the headline in global media to attract the attention of the world to this colonial capital of India.

This report is not for the sad incident but to avoid any such in future to be avoided.

Few points to be noted for Kolkata and as a whole West Bengal:

  • Kolkata infrastructure are worst maintained one in the whole country 
  • No structural effective annual review and on the ground BCP drill for the disaster management. Only paperwork or eyewash carried out.
  • Center and state agencies need to be equally blamed.
  • Punitive action needed for the people who will issue fit to use certificate without taking action on the ground.
  • MLA,MP and all local representative need to be disqualified immediately upon such incident to fix the responsibility and accountability if other than natural accident cases.
  • Load test for each bridge needs to be carried out.

Our deep concern that few bridges needs to be inspected immediately:

  • Flyover connecting Belghoria Expressway and Airport
  • Dhakuria Bridge Connecting Goalpark and Joadhpur Park
  • Maa Flyover
  • Bullyganj Rail Over Bridge

All the bridges which have a record number of Truck and Buses movement throughout the day must be brought under annual inspection by non state agencies in a vigilant manner.

We can only pray that all segment will stop crocodile tears and start making the ground reality strong enough to avoid any future accident at least reduce the chances.

Blame game of political leaders is truly shameless at this moment of emergency. No PM or CM wants this kind of incident in his or her administration.

Let’s build a nation which will be strong and developed in all terms learning from the mistakes of the past.