Fani Effect – Mamata Banerjee following President Obama’s footprint for Election Campaign


Under the strange circumstances of Gusty Cyclone during the last phases of poll in India every one is scared and praying to the lord for the mercy. But political camps are worried for missing vital days for campaign.

But Mamata Banerjee CM of West Bengal decided to stop for 48 hours and work for the relief work. A similar situation was in 2012 in US presidential election when President Obama stopped the campaign and went to New Jersey to meet the people affected during Hurricane Sandy.

Obama - USA President
Obama – USA President (Old Image)

Prior to Sandy Mitt Romney the challenger was ahead in all trends than Obama.But after the relief work trend changed in favor of President Obama. Is History repeating in India like US Election 2012?

Three phases of Poll yet to complete and fight between Modi and Mamata is of tooth and nails on the ground. Relief politics will add a special dynamics to get in to the heart of the people.

Modi has already send few hundred crores of Rupees to the States of Andhra Pradesh,Odhisa and West Bengal and Mamata has stationed her at Kharagpur in Midnapore to monitor the situation.

But at this very moment every one should be safe and no loss of life should be there. As of now Puri,Ganjam and coastal district of Odhisa facing the devastation of 195 KM per hour of Cyclone. Puri under complete blackout. Digha and Haldia on High alert in Bengal. Kolkata Airport and Bhubaneswar Airport Closed next 24 hours or till further notice. Kolkata and Haldia Dock on High Alert too.