Fashion creator Sonali Singh’s journey of success will encourage you

Sonali Singh
Sonali Singh

Fashion creator Sonali Singh’s journey of success will encourage you

Sonali Singh started blogging in December 2015. In the beginning, it was difficult for her to find the niche as her style was very upbeat and different.

Sonali’s ambitious nature has brought her a long way. From her childhood, Sonali was a career oriented girl. Initially, she faced some negative criticism for wanting to pursue fashion as a full-time profession, but she chose the latter for good.

It has been a path full of interesting twists and turns & a lot of struggle too but she believed in herself throughout. Some people from her family are still coming to terms with her career choice.

As for Sonali Singh, she loves the idea of creating her own original style instead of simply following the trends all the time which also make her styles unique & exclusive.
It’s been 4 years since Sonali has been a part of this industry and it has been an amazing ride with lots of learning experiences.

Starting something from scratch and creating this little community was not an easy task for Sonali, but she strongly feels that consistency can change everything and encourages her fans to do the same.

Sonali believes in being comfortable and open to experimenting with new styles and trends. With tremendous hard work and passion for Fashion Sonali has built a place for herself in this industry.

She is flourishing in the field of Fashion by hosting several workshops alongside working with famous brands. She is ready to take on more challenges with a bright smile on her face!