Strength of Indian Defence Forces

Indian Army
Indian Army

Strength of Defence Forces

By PIB Delhi

Details of the strength of Officers in the three Armed Forces (excluding Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps, and Military Nursing Service), force-wise are as under:-

ServiceAuthorised StrengthHeld StrengthShortage
Army(as on 01.01.2019)50312429137399
Navy(As on 01.06.2019)11557100121545
Air Force(As on 01.06.2019)1262512142483

Details of strength of Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR) / Airmen / Sailors in the three Armed Forces, force-wise, are as under:-

ServiceAuthorised StrengthHeld StrengthShortage
Army(as on 01.01.2019)12233811185146*38235
Navy(As on 01.06.2019)740465724016806
Air Force(As on 01.06.2019)14291712909413823**

*  Excluding 1718 APS Non-regular JCOs/ORs

** Additionally, 10,486 ab-initio trainees are undergoing training at various training Institutes.

Information cannot be divulged in the interest of the National Security.Details of strength of Officers (excluding Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps and Military Nursing Service) and PBOR from the North Eastern States in the three Armed Forces are as under:

ArmyNavyAir Force

** State-wise strength of officers is not maintained.

The TA provides gainful employment to volunteer citizens to don the uniform and serve the nation. Its role is to relieve regular Army of static duties and to aid civil authority in dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services in situation where life of the community is affected or the security of the country is threatened and to provide support to National effort. It also provides units for the regular Army as and when required. The TA comprises of Non Departmental and Departmental Units. Non-Departmental units are Infantry Battalion (TA), Infantry Battalion (Home & Hearth) (TA) and Engineering TA Regiments. Departmental Units form part of various civil departments/Ministries on which the units are based i.e. Railways, Oil Sector and Ecological Task Force (ETF).

The TA comprises of 65 Units including six battalions with a total strength of 43085 officers and men.

This information was given by Raksha Rajya Mantri Shri Shripad Naik in a written reply to ShriNaba Kumar Saraniain Lok Sabha today.