A man of several qualities Martin Dsouza

Martin Dsouza
Martin Dsouza

A man of several qualities Martin Dsouza

Some people are born with severe talent, and once they recognize their ability than no one can stop them from achieving success in their life.

Martin Dsouza what you will call him An renowned DJ, Actor- model, or writer? Well, don’t get confused, you can call him anything because he is right in everything that he does in life.

Born and brought in South India IT centre of our country Bengaluru, but made his name in entire India at an early age with his multi-talent abilities.

Martin Dsouza is one of the most excellent DJ that India has. He is mastered in every genre, houses. From Pubs to Clubs, he is everywhere. His music is making people crazy and forcing them to dance for hours on his lightning music. His karaoke music is appreciated worldwide, and he has proven his talent many a time at the international level in the past eight years.

He is and regular DJ of Bengaluru who comes on Wednesday on one of the longest-running ladies night at love shack. It has been more than five years now he is continuously making people crazy with his music.

This lad has performed from North to South every state of India to every metro city of India in every pub and clubs which are top-rated in India. He has even performed at many mega event and grand marriages.

Martin Dsouza has also worked in other countries Netherland, Srilanka, Dubai and many other western countries in his eight years DJ playing.

Other than Djying, he is also famous for acting skills and modelling. He has worked in many commercials. It all started way to be in the 2000s when he was shooting his first advertisement. And since then he has worked in numerous businesses. He has also been part of many advertisements where he was chosen as a model like Nescafe and all.

Djying, acting and modelling now come his another quality, and that is Writing. Wohoo ! This guy is blessed with serious talent. Martin Dsouza is also known for his writing skills. He took his writing seriously after completion of college. He has even given his content writing as freelancer for many brands and companies.