Subhash Nair the leading lensman of Nature and Wildlife photography

Subhash Nair
Subhash Nair

Subhash Nair Nature and Wildlife photographer from Kerala, India. His love and passion for photography precisely wildlife photography has made him touch heights in the world of wildlife photography with a good fan base on Instagram with over 20k organic audience, this guy is being loved all over India and abroad. His photos have been featured on Natgeo many times. His photos decorated many offices, homes across the world. His way of creating frames and managing the light tells that he is a creative person, not just a photographer.

By 2005, travel became one of his obsessions in life. Driving is one of his passions, and he started going for long drives from one place to another. He didn’t have any camera with him at that time. He became obsessed with the beauty of places and the things he saw during these travels. He wanted to capture and preserve those beautiful moments and memories.

Subhash realized the necessity of a good camera. He decided to buy a DSLR, as it would help him more in the purpose. With the help of one of his friend in UK, he bought his first DSLR Camera Canon D400.

As time passed as he already has a good passion for traveling he started to travel more often and to places which do have great wildlife and he can get some amazing shots. He traveled all around India and Africa, photographing the wild. He uses to visit his favorite wildlife parks again and again. Some of his favorite places in India to photograph wildlife is “Jim Corbett, Kaziranga, Kabini, and the rain forest Amboli.

He and his friend Varun Aditya started a Photography Expedition company called “Expanded Expeditions” and they are organizing Photographic workshops across India and outside. Many aspiring photographers join their workshops because their way of teaching photography is unique and creative.

He says his wife and son are the biggest support in this journey. Subhash’s upcoming trips include “Photographing Orangutangs in Borneo, Indonesia then Traveling to Madagascar to photograph the lemurs. He travels very often to Masai Mara, Kenya, and that place is now very close to his heart and one of his favorite place to photograph wildlife.

Leaving a mark on Instagram world with great amount of followers and fan following Subhash Nair is surely set to touch heights in Instagram world with some real heart touching captures of Wildlife and Nature.


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