Pammi Jamalpuria
Pammi Jamalpuria


Following Unlock 2.0 phase, hygiene remains paramount at work place. The working professionals returning to office need to take precautionary measures under the ‘New Normal’ regime.

As we start our workplace journey following some relaxations we have to be mindful about the fact that the virus is still prevalent and we are to continue our work and our life in this. ‘Lockdown’ or ‘Unlock’ are all unprecedented episodes in our lives. But at this stage we have to follow the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ and if we drop our guards, our vulnerability increases manifold.

The organizations have reformed their strategies and readying themselves for a safe and hygienic environment. The safety of the employees or customers being of prime importance, workplaces are fast adapting to the current challenges. While offices follows the Government guidelines of maintaining safety and hygiene at work, working professionals should also take due care of their personal safety and hygiene.

The working professionals to ensure the following:

  • Use proper face masks covering both nose and mouth while at work and while stepping out or travelling to work
  • Use gloves while travelling to work so that chances of touching any surface / objects with hands can be limited
  • People are yet to develop sense of safety protocols related to our eyes in spite of directives issued by health bodies which suggest that Covid-19 virus could transmit through eyes besides nose and mouth when exposed to infected droplets. Hence use of protective eyewear or safety goggles is advisable along with hand sanitization and face cover. Protective eyewear and safety goggles come with anti-fog coating ensuring a fog free comfortable vision both in indoor & outdoor environment and guards our eyes from droplets, germs or any harmful element
  • Wash hands and face with a mild soap after reaching your workplace and wipe off using a fresh tissue
  • Use alcohol based sanitizer to sanitize the hands and gloves inside office
  • Carry personal mugs, spoons and bottles in order to avoid public cutlery from pantry
  • Do not share two wheeler while travelling for work to maintain social distancing
  • Refrain from using someone else’s charger, stationery or water bottle to avoid spreading of the virus
  • Avoid shaking hands and maintain social distancing with your colleagues
  • Disinfect mobiles phones and all other items including the protective gears after coming back home
  • Make  a  habit to leave your shoes outside and take a shower after coming back home and soak the clothes in detergent water

Apart from our regular sanitization rituals along with protective gears like masks and gloves, safety goggles are recommended the most when it comes to avoid any contamination through eyes. They come in perfectly covered design in water repellent material for added protection for the eyes. They are also available with prescription lenses to suit ones vision requirements. Besides in current times several brands like ours are coming up with stylish goggles which balance your both safety and fashion. Additionally safety goggles have been customized with anti-fog coating which will help one to overcome the fogging of the lens issue which is caused due to prolonged wearing of the mask and eyewear.

Maintaining all these measures are key to guard against any infections. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance as people have to adapt to this ‘new normal’ situation at one’s workplace.


Ms. Pammi Jamalpuria, VP-Corporate Marketing, Vision Rx Lab, pioneer of International eyewear brand, Nova Eyewear