Surgical Strike in Pakistan – Indian PM Modi showed the World we are not afraid of any Terror Group even state sponsored Terror

Indian Army in Action
Indian Army in Action

India has conducted a surgical strike in other side of the Line of Control, to be precise under Pakistan Administrated area. But what is a surgical strike means many does not know despite of the fact that Modi Government has done it earlier also inside Myanmar against North East Terror group.

After Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi only Modi shown the guts to do this. And he deserve a loud applause from all despite of line of different thoughts.

This kind of strike shows that if you mess with India we have a counter measure for your ill intents and none will be spared.

A surgical strike is a military attack which results in, was intended to result in, or is claimed to have resulted in only damage to the intended legitimate military target, and no or minimal collateral damage to surrounding structures, vehicles, buildings, or the general public infrastructure and utilities.

A swift and targeted attack with the aim of minimum collateral damage to the nearby areas and civilians is a surgical strike. Neutralization of targets with surgical strikes also prevents escalation to a full blown war. Surgical strike attacks can be carried out via air strike, airdropping special ops teams or a swift ground operation or by sending special troops

Precision bombing is another example of a surgical strike carried out by aircraft – it can be contrasted against carpet bombing, the latter which results in high collateral damage and a wide range of destruction over an affected area which may or may not include high civilian casualties. The bombing of Baghdad during the initial stages of the 2003 Iraq War by US forces, known as Shock and Awe is an example of a coordinated surgical strike, where government buildings and military targets were systematically attacked by US aircraft in an attempt to cripple the Ba’athist controlled Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein.

In Pakistan, the term has been defined both by the Pakistani military and the civilian experts on Pakistani military on the issue of “Surgical strike.”

The military identified the term as :”A surgical strike is one that comes as a surprise and is conducted with surgical efficiency. It happens when an entity does the job and comes out. It is not messy. There is no collateral damage.”

Dr. Hasan Askari Rizvi, a professor of political science and civilian expert on military affairs, further provide the term as: “A :surgical strike” is usually used to describe military action involving the air strikes.”


According to the political correspondent, the Times of India, the Indian military defined the term as: “For starters, it is not a war or a call for it. Surgical strikes are military operations undertaken by forces across the world to move on the offensive, hit enemy targets and installations, and return to primary positions – all with lightening speed and with the added precaution of suffering limited casualty.” India has striked pakistan with surgical strike and after getting powerful reaction from Pakistan Army ran back to their position.

Reaction from the international community on this very much required step by Indian Government: