Kalyanbrata Sangha a Social Welfare organization for the humanity and society

Kalyanbrata Sangha Kids at home - Brindabanpur,Uluberia
Kalyanbrata Sangha Kids at home - Brindabanpur,Uluberia
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Kalyanbrata Sangha a social welfare organization made a deep mark in the forehead of the society with their noble work for the Kids and the helpless old age peoples. When service to the nation is felt by presence of humanity and social welfare vision the a organization like this grows with in the horizon of the society for service to the people.

Established in the year of 1953 when the movement for mother language is on at East Pakistan now Bangladesh on the other side of the border KBS formed to serve the poor and helpless.

After six decades of service to the nation KBS got the President Award for their social work from President Pranab Mukherjee.

Tapan Sinha - President Kalyan Brata Sangha
Sri Tapan Kumar Sinha.
Ex-Senior Deputy Commissioner & Director of Calcutta Town Hall.
President : 24.4.2005 – till Today

When we approached the present president of KBS Sri Tapan Kumar Sinha.,Ex-Senior Deputy Commissioner & Director of Calcutta Town Hall.President : 24.4.2005 – till Today and asked about his inspiration behind this work.

He said ” I have dedicated my life and all for these kids and I just want the well being of my kids nothing else is required for me.It gives me pleasure to be with them. But I am not keeping well now a days for regular visit”.

Our discussion went like this.(some portion collected from KBS website as well for reference http://kbs.org-in.dx.am)

What is Kalyanbrata Sangha ?

We are a Voluntary Social Welfare Organization & work with the ideologies of Sri Ramakrishna & Swami Vivekananda for the real needy rural population in the remote village of West Bengal since 1953, we are working with the help of few people. Donations to Kalyanbrata Sangha are eligible for tax exemption under Sec. 80A (5) (Vi) & Certificate under F.C.R.A no 147000163. Kalyan Brata Sangha is registered with the Societies Act, 1860 having no 22875 / 606 of 1955 – 56.

What Is Our Recognition ?

We are recognized by Ramakrishna Mission Loka Siksha Parishad, Narendrapur, Kolkata.

What Is Our Aim & Object ?

Voluntary Social Welfare Services following the noble ideologies of Sri Ramakrishna & Swami Vivekananda. The main aim and motto was to do something for the humanities in its surroundings and abroad also.

What We Do ?

KBS President Award
KBS President Award

We are working with the help of few people. At present, we are having a High School with 1800 students, two Junior Basic Schools with 500 students and a Hostel for destitute & poor needy students of about 100 members. Also we are having a Nursery School, an old Age Home & a Shrine of Sri Ramakrishna, Sri Sarada Devi & Swami Vivekananda, where our Hostel intimates attend prayer, Spiritual classes & study circle under the guidance of the Sannasins of Ramakrishna Order. We also do the Philanthropic Work to uplift the life style of the local People & the relief Work when the natural calamity occurs. In the year 1956, 1968, 1978 the organization took part in Relief Works in large-scale throughout the Uluberia Block-II with the assistance of R.K.Mission & CARE.

We are running Cottage section for the destitute Boys aided by the Govt. for the last 25 years & recently we have started an Old Age Home which was resulted a spontaneous change in the whole atmosphere. The Old age grandfather & grandmother are enjoying the company of their grandsons & consequently the grandsons are having the love & affection of their company & both are very happy.

What We Achieved ?

We received “National Award, 2011” from Govt. of India as recognition of our remarkable services in the field of child welfare.
Free Health Awareness & Blood Donation Camp


Cottage for orphan & destitute children for fifty (50) heads from different districts of the State.

Hostel for fifty boys from Low Income Group Families living at different parts of the State.

Sisu Vikash Kendra – a pre-primary school for children (3 to 5 years age group) of families at or below poverty line.

Chalaman Bahini (Children Brigade) – a scheme of Ramakrishna Mission Loka Siksha Parishad of Narendrapur, 24 Parganas District. Boys & girls of age group 7 – 15 years get training in sports & games, folk songs & dances of different States, P.T., Drills etc..

Health – a) Homeopathic Charitable Dispensary – It has facilitated poor people to get treatment within their villages. b) Periodical Health Camps, such as – blood donation, eye examination& operation and supply of spectacles, free of cost. c) Health checkup program of children & mother.

Distribution of Dhoti, Sharee, Woolen blankets, Children garments to the poor, minimum 150 numbers per year.

Training in Agriculture & Fishery – Inmate boys get practical training in growing vegetables at 5 Bighas of land & fishery at two ponds situated within the campus of the Sangha.

All the intimate boys get School Education at our schools situated within the campus. There are two Junior Basic Schools & one Higher Secondary School (Arts only) established by the Sangha but now run by the Government. The roll strength of those schools is 550 & 1800 respectively at present. The annual results of the schools are almost good.

Rural Library (with children’s section) – situated within the Campus of the Sangha which was established by the Sangha but now run by the Government.

Sports & Games – Inmate Boys get training in indoor and outdoor games.

Drawing Class – Drawing classes are held regularly for the benefit of the inmate boys.

Cultural Activities – Inmate Boys get training in Songs, Recitation, Drama etc.

Spiritual Activities – Inmate Boys as well as local people make prayers at the prayer hall everyday (morning & evening).

Computer Training Center for computer education with 30 boys & girls.

Awareness Programme – Study Circles & Discourses are held regularly on the teachings of Ramakrishna Dev, Swami Vivekananda & other great men as well as on current topics. Inmate boys and local youths join this programmes regularly.



The institution (Kalyanbrata Sangha) since its establishments in 1953, by its constant endeavor in setting up schools now upto Higher Secondary level, has achieved the goal to a great extent to spread out the primary educations among the villagers (irrespective of boys & girls) when there was no minimum literal knowledge in them.

In Orphanage (started in 1987) a large number of orphan and destitute children have got shelter, education, health & moral character during their staying at home upto the age of 18 years.

From vocational training courses (Carpentry, Tailoring, Wool knitting) about 200 (two hundred) young boys and girls had been benefited and found out their self-employment.

From our Charitable Health Unit and Periodical Health Camps conducted, patients to a large number (child and adult) are got medical facilities charitably.

Young Boys and Girls are being enlightened with computer education to find out their living ways.

During National Disaster like flood, drought, the institution always remains to the extent of its capacity at the side of the suffering humanities.


We received “National Award, 2011” from Govt. of India as recognition of our remarkable services in the field of child welfare.


Grant-in-aid are received regularly from the Director of Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal. Grants received for the last year are as follows: – 2013-14 Rs. 4,96,800.00


In the year 1965 we donated 20 (twenty) bighas of land to the Govt. of West Bengal for establishment of one Primary Health Centre & Hospital of 20 beds which is still running. We always follow the ideologies & teachings of Sri Ramakrishna & Swami Vivekananda


Swami Sarvadevananda, Hollywood Sri Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre, America 25.09.1999

Hon’ble Mr. Shayamal Sen – Former Acting Governor of West Bengal & Chairman of Human Rights Commission, West Bengal 09.02.2003

Hon’ble Mr. Biswanath Chowdhury – Minister-in-Charge, Dept. of Women & Child Dev. & Social Welfare, Govt. of West Bengal 27.02.2003

Srimat Swami Jitatmanandaji Maharaj 24.06.2006

Hon’ble Mrs. Ruma Paul – Former Justice of Supreme Court India 02.07.2006

Hon’ble Mr. Prasad Ranjan Roy – Home Secretary, Govt. West Bengal 05.11.2006

Hon’ble Mrs. Ranjana Dev – President, I.A.S Officers Wives’ Association, WB 02.02.2007

Prof. Hosenur Rahaman 03.05.2007

Hon’ble Mr. Soumen Mitra – D.I.G, Presidency Range, Govt. of West Bengal 16.08.2007

Hon’ble Mr. Surajit Kar Purokayastha – Inspector General of Police (South Bengal) 12.09.2007

Hon’ble Mr.Tapan Sen – District Social Welfare Officer, Howrah (West Bengal) 13.10.2007

Hon’ble Justice Mr. Kalyanjyoti Sengupta – High Court Kolkata (W.B) 03.11.2007 & 12.01.2014

Mr. Harshabardhan Neotia – Renowned Industrialist 09.03.2008

Hon’ble Mr. Asoke Kr. Maity – Joined Secretary, School Education Dept. Govt. of West Bengal. 09.03.2008

Hon’ble Mr. Amit Kiran Dev – Ex-Chief Secretary, West Bengal 08.12.2009

Mrs. Rajashree Daga – Onkarnath Seva Trust 17.04.2011

Hon’ble Mr. Dipak Saha – Justice High Court Kolkata 13.10.2012

Hon’ble Justice Mr. Satyabrata Sinha – Ex-Justice (Supreme Court) India 12.01.14

Hon’ble Mr. Arijit Banerjee – Judge, Kolkata High Court 23.03.14

Hon’ble Mr. Asim Banerjee – Judge, Kolkata High Court 17.05.14

Swami Tattatinandaji of Belurmath 13.12.14

Janab Hyder Aziz Safi – Hon’ble Prison Minister W.B 28.06.14, 01.10.15, 04.06.15

Swami Suparnanandaji – Secretary Ramakrishna Mission Cultural Institute of Golpark 28.06.14, 27.06.15

Debabrata Roy – B.D.O, Uluberia Block II 11.01.15

Swami Sunischatanandaji – Ramakrishna MissionVidyalaya Narendrapur 07.03.15

Swami Gambhiratmanandaji – Ramakrishna Mission Ashram Narendrapur 07.03.15

Swami Bodhasaranandaji Maharaj – Asst Secretary, Ramakrishna Math & Mission Belurmath 08.03.15



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