RIP Sardar Jodh Singh – Chairman & Founder JIS Group is no more

Sardar Jodh Singh
Sardar Jodh Singh

Demise of JIS Group Chairman

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Vision looks inward and becomes duty. Vision looks outward and becomes aspiration. Vision looks upward and becomes faith.

JIS Group Confirms With Deep Regret the Demise of Sardar Jodh Singh – Chairman & Founder JIS Group

JIS Group confirms with deep regret the demise Of Sardar Jodh Singh – Chairman & Founder JIS Group. Sardar Jodh Singh the founding father, an educational visionary, an inspiring leader and a true humanist, left his mortal body on 25th January, 2018, at the age of 98.

A true patriot, Sardar Jodh Singh was popularly addressed as ‘Babuji’ – a term that was aptly addressed as he truly was almost everyone’s father figure and for the JIS family. His never-ending drive to excellence, determination, and commitment to JIS Group is the standard that will inspire and stay with us as we honour the legacy he created over the last 66 years.

Sardar Jodh Singh was born to a Sikh family in 1920 in a remote village of Montgomery district, former Punjab Province in Pakistan who settled in India during Indo-Pak partition. After searching for business prospects in Ludhaina, he looked eastwards towards Kolkata which he saw a fertile ground for dairy business. Sardar Jodh Singh first came into Kolkata in 1952 and since then this has been his home. He soon turned this diary business into a flourishing venture and started supplying milk to the leading Milk Dairy product suppliers in Kolkata.

He will be remembered for his energetic innovative  ideas and childlike enthusiasm which saw him make successful forays and ventures into diverse sectors like transport, iron and steel, real estate, telecom infrastructure and education, the last one possibly his most widely known  and pioneering role in helping in the path of removing illiteracy by the JIS Group Educational Initiatives. The thought of entering the education field first was sparked in him when he faced some impediments in getting his own son enrolled into an English medium school.  Babuji started his first chapter in education in 1998 with the setting up of an Engineering college in Asansol, followed by JIS College of engineering in 2000. Hereafter, there was no looking back. Today his endeavour and hard worn has born fruits and turned JIS Group Educational Conglomerate into what it is today – the largest premier educational service provider of Eastern India with 26 institutes with over 126 program, and over 35000 students enrolled into theses diverse programs.

He always wished to be surrounded by students and was of the belief we are all given life here to have a purpose. He truly lived up to his belief as he illuminated many lives by the excellence he set up in his educational institutes where apart from academic training , deep rooted human values are taught to give back to society responsible , positive ,contributing young adults.

Babuji’s passion and work ethics are an industry touchstone.  Not only his family members but anybody and everybody who knows Babuji and has interacted with him will miss him greatly.