David Alexander Nicholas the young entrepreneur, is showing Positive signs by updating himself in technology

David Alexander Nicholas
David Alexander Nicholas

Fast cars, fancy hotels, and the finest women is the lifestyle most people can only dream of, but for The Captain Davo, it’s all part of a normal day. The Australian native has become one of the world’s most well-known and respected gamblers, racking up profits from casinos across the globe. He’s known for his unshakable confidence at the gambling table and his relentless desire to win. Casinos and gambling houses love to host him at their establishments because he brings excitement to a relatively quiet and mundane sport.

When Captain Davo walks into any casino, it’s red carpet treatment from the time his plane lands until the wheels are back up. His personal concierge and chauffer meet him at the airport and make sure his every need is taken care of while he’s in town. The best rooms and amenities are made available with a dining menu fitting for a king. It’s a lifestyle he’s come to expect and enjoy and anything less is simply unacceptable.

Aside from the upgrade in lifestyle, it really has always been about the money for Captain Davo. Born David Alexander Nicholas in Adelaide, Australia, he has always been about closing the deal and making money for the companies he represented or his own entities. Early on, Captain Davo mastered door to door sales and B2B sales and quickly rose to C Suite roles within several prominent companies in the sales and marketing industry. As a corporate business and marketing professional, Captain Davo undoubtedly mastered certain skills and qualities such as delivering effective communication, building interpersonal relationships, strategizing and solving intricate problems. These same attributes that made Captain Davo a highly sought after business professional now have been transferred to make him a gambling high roller and a Youtube and social media sensation.

Not only does Captain Davo draw crowds in the casinos who scramble to watch him perform his acts of wonder at the gambling table, but thousands of people watch his videos on Youtube and stream his gambling live on Instagram. Many tune in because they want to learn new tactics and skills to improve their own gambling prowess, but most are captivated by his entertaining style of play. Fans are attracted to Captain Davo’s unapologetic high stakes gambling antics. He believes in betting big. The bigger the bet, the greater the thrill and the greater the reward. How often are people able to see a super hero leap tall buildings in a single bound or place a bet worth hudreds of thousands of dollars and not think twice and never look back?

In addition to the thrill of all the high stakes gambling, Captain Davo’s off-key comedic commentary is priceless. His unmatched charisma and humor holds the fan at the edge of their seat while he calmly places his bets and manages all the suspense surrounding him. Captain Davo’s fans adore the ability to experience an up close and personal view of what it’s like to sit at the gambling table with hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake and the pressure of making the right decisions. It’s an adrenaline rush like nothing else.