LNJ Bhilwara Group donates Rs.5.51 crores to COVID -19 relief funds

LNJ Bhilwara Group donates Rs.5.51 crores to COVID -19 relief funds

New Delhi, 30th March, 2020: As the coronavirus pandemic has affected the entire country, LNJ Bhilwara Group Company, a multi-product & services conglomerate with ventures in areas as diverse as Textiles, Graphite Electrodes and Power has decided to stand with the Government and donated Rs.5.51 crores in COVID- 19 relief funds.

The company has decided to bifurcate the amount as Rs.2 crores to the PM-Cares fund, Rs.1.5 crore to the Madhya Pradesh CM Relief fund, Rs.1.01 crore to the Rajasthan CM Relief fund, Rs.50 lakh to the Himachal Pradesh CM Relief fund and Rs.30 and 20 lakh to the Bhilwara and Ajmer Local DM Relief fund respectively.

Promoters of the group companies (HEG Ltd and RSWM Ltd) have decided to undertake a 50% cut on their basic salaries for the year 2020-21. All guest house facilities of RSWM Ltd. around Bhilwara district totalling 80 beds have been offered for quarantine procedures to local authorities.

Mr. Ravi Jhunjhunwala, LNJ Bhilwara Group, said, “We stand with the Government and the people in this crisis and will extend our entire support to help combat the pandemic.”

He further added, “The Company through Jawahar Foundation is working on ground for food packet distribution and is working directly in the districts of Bhilwara and Ajmer providing food relief packages to underprivileged families.”

About LNJ Bhilwara Limited:

LNJ Bhilwara Group was founded in 1960 by Mr. L. N. Jhunjhunwala and established a textile mill. The Group has completed 50 years. The Group has strategically diversified and stands proud as a multi-products and services conglomerate. The Group is proud to have played a pioneering role in many contemporary businesses.


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