KALAKAR Art UK hosts 50th Live to honour the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary Hindustani Classical vocalist Guru A. Kanan


KALAKAR hosts 50th Live to honour the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary Hindustani Classical vocalist Guru A. Kanan.  

Kalakar Arts hosted their 50th live recently to honour the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary Hindustani Classical vocalist Guru A. Kanan

The event commenced with legendary Indian Classical musician Guru Rampur- Sahaswan Gharana and our very own Ustad Rashid Khan. During the live, we bear witness to Rashid Ji reminiscing and sharing his memories with Guru A. Kanan. The 50th episode also celebrated the 90th birth anniversary of his wife, Vidushi Malabika Kanan. The event portrayed a dance recital in her honour, performed by Vidushi Saswati Sen and her students.

 Chandra Chakraborty, the respected Founder of Kalakar Arts, was brought up by Guru A. Kanan and his wife Malabika Kanan. Although she currently lives in London, Chandra’s music as well as her daily lifestyle is heavily surrounded by Guruji’s influence. Hence, she left no stone unturned to celebrate Guruji’s 100th birth anniversary as lavishly as she could.

The presentation, direction and quality of the events were of such high standards that it attracted over lakhs of views, hence morphing ‘Kalakar Arts’ into  a household name for music lovers worldwide. The ‘Guru Shiksha  Parampara’ stories were shared on social media on a large scale by various legendary Hindustani Classical Vocalists.

Mrs. Chakraborty lends her opinion on the aftermath of her successful event by saying, ” I have received many calls from performers who wanted to participate in the celebration. Guruji had a deep connection and a blissful relation with all the musicians that we all felt nothing but happiness and satisfaction to host such an event. Initially we had planned for an hour’s show but sometimes it crossed the two or three hour mark as time seemed to go by unknowingly. I have received many emails as well as messages thanking   Kalakar for organising such a prestigious and wonderful event. Today Kalakar Arts U.K is a big family with members from all over the globe. Guruji had always wanted the pioneers of musicians to be together and do good for themselves and overall the art of music.”

As we are aware that the U.K is still under a state of lockdown and the uncertainty of it getting lifted is hanging heavy in the air. In these hard times, Kalakar will start hosting events as well as programs in a month, on their Facebook page. The upcoming event, “Mehefil” will mostly host new, upcoming stars and fresh faces in the world of Indian Classical music.

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