International Mother language day

International Mother language day Photo By Wikipedia
International Mother language day Photo By Wikipedia
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International Mother language day

I am a proud mother tongue speaker
I am a proud internationalist.
O my mother tongue,
I still have complete faith
in you in every perilous state.
Hazardous time, at this moment.
So I am an internationalist.
So I am a mother linguist.

My happiness, my sorrow,
Speak in your language.
My tender sentiments,
My heathenish insistence,
Search for shelter in your heart.
My unutterable speech,
My secret confession,
Always seek your pledge for safety.
The note of my song,
The rhythm of my poetry,
Always in need of recourse from you.
The failure of my love
The defeat of my battle,
Whimpers with you.
The burgee of my ideology
The advancement of my procession,
Wait for your slogan.
The audacity of my pride,
The respect of my ego,
Are expressed in your entity.
In the glow of your affluence,
In the levee of my endurance,
In the depth of my mind,
O my mother tongue
I live for you
I die for you.

I am Oriental
I am Occidental
I am the Thar
I am the Nile
I am the land of rising sun
I am the trust of six months diurnal and six months nocturnal.
I am the fair complexion
I am the dark complexion.
I am to dream
I am to awaken.
I am the wealthy, Me a penurious.
I am the theist, I again an agnostic.
I am a rebel for the sake of humanity,
I am peace lover
Everything that I have is with you, in your way.
For you I venture my life
For you I had passed many a day fasting.
For you I get confined in prison
You are the sun of salvation in my heart.
Your pain makes me stone cold
Your happiness makes me a tidal bore.
I am the spectrum of your rainbow
I am the new moon of your tenebrosity.

You are the hope of breath in my ribs
You are the wings of my life bird.
You are the abode of my volcanic speech
Endless silence of the sky filled with my gloom.

Let the battle commence throughout the world for you.
Let your word be the ultimatum as the Royal heritage.
Let the arrogant be defeated by your amenity.
Let your arrogance destroy the egotists.

O dear Mother tongue
We asseverate that
The world would again be befitting for the children
By mixing your rhythm with our conscience, cognition and assurance.

Let the battle be destroyed,
Let destruction be destroyed,
Let hatred be destroyed,
Let wariness be destroyed,
Let my divine grace of worshiping you attain Bird’s eye vision.

Let my Mother tongue be mine
Let your Mother tongue be yours,
Let everyone have their own Mother tongue.

I am for myself
I am for you
I am for everyone
Who’s five senses search for getting nestled in this planet.

I am desirous of this world with all my heart.
I always cherish ambitions for a world filled with good culture and endurance.

That’s why I love my Mother tongue the most,
Respect the most,

Admire the most.
Dr. Palash Bandyopadhyay
Dr. Palash Bandyopadhyay

By Dr. Palash Bandopadhyay, a well-known Child Specialist (pediatrician) from Kolkata, a kind-hearted person along with a passion for the literature and cultural development of society. Running a publication for called Limerick Lovers to support the budding poet and authors. He is also a member of IBG NEWS Pannel.

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