Heritage of Kolkata (Calcutta) Certificate Course by The Heritage Cell of MAKAUT

Victoria Memorial - Kolkata Photo By Suman Munshi
Victoria Memorial - Kolkata Photo By Suman Munshi
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The Heritage Cell of MAKAUT, WB Introducing Certificate Course on Heritage of Kolkata (Calcutta)

Kolkata, 10th November, 2022: Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, cherishes culture and tradition, nurturing her heritage roots. While its grand structures, bustling markets, vibrant culinary scene, exquisite crafts, and cultural sites would rival any Indian metropolis, its historical legacy reigns supreme. Kolkata, once the capital of British India, combines colonial charm with modern culture.

The Heritage Cell of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad University of Technology (MAKAUT), WB wants to create awareness about this rich heritage of Kolkata. With this aim in view it is introducing a Certificate Course on Heritages of Kolkata (Calcutta)

Course Outcome

At the end of this course, the participant shall be able to get the following:

·       A comprehensive view on the style of colonial heritage
·       An idea about different aspects of heritage
·       Quality education for contribution to the professional work force in Heritage and Tourism studies, especially in Kolkata
·       Develop technological skills using practical classes
·       A comprehensive knowledge of the heritage of Kolkata (Calcutta), including foods, streets, communities, and everything

Anyone can join this certificate course, including in-service persons. Age is also not a bar to join this course work.

Evaluation Process:

The evaluation process is different from the traditional way. Assignments shall be given on unique and applied base topics. Each and every participant shall present a PPT on separate and unique topics.  

Mode: Online

Language: English, Bengali, and Hindi

Session Timing:

First three days of two weeks from the starting of this course work.

Duration of Course:

30 hours

Capacity: 30 students

Course Content

Module 1: Tangible Heritage (20 hrs)

Module 2: Intangible Heritage (10 hrs)


Module 1: Tangible Heritage (20 hrs)

Unit 1:  Built Heritage

·       Heritage Buildings

·       Cemeteries

·       Religious edifices

·       Streets, Lanes (Gali), and Markets of Kolkata.  

·       Ghats

Unit 2: Foods and Drinks of Kolkata

Unit 3: Places, Transports, Communities and Literature of Kolkata

·       Personalities and Historical Places of Kolkata

·       Transportation and Service as heritage

·       Different communities and their history

·       Organizations and Institutes of Kolkata

Module 2: Intangible Heritage (10hrs)

Unit 1: Customs and Rituals of Kolkata

·       Rituals and Customs in general

·       Arts and Crafts

·       Literature and books, and Book Fair of Kolkata

Unit 2: Play, Dances, and Drama

·       Plays of Kolkata

·       Dances and Dramas of Kolkata

 Dr. Phani Kanta Mishra is the Director of Heritage Cell, MAKAUT, WB. He is Ex-Regional Director, East, of Archaeological Survey of India

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