46th Kolkata International Book Fair 2023 Ends with new Hope

46th Kolkata International Book Fair 2023 Ends with new Hope
46th Kolkata International Book Fair 2023 Ends with new Hope
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Highlights from the Prize Distribution Ceremony (12.02.22)

• 22 lakhs of footfall already; the last day of Kolkata International book fair might cross 25 lakhs.
• Till date, sales have crossed nearly 25 crore in the Kolkata 46th international book fair.
• Novelist Swapnamoy Chakraborty was felicitated on the last day .
• Writer Anil Acharya was also felicitated on the last day.
• First press conference of the 47th IKBF 2024 will be held on November this year .
• Since January 21st, Spain has been displaying 100 literary activities featured by our 20 delegates.
• Spanish associates could showcase the diversity of their country from each state.
• The program by the Spanish associates were signed in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy.
• The Savanta Institute and the Spanish Association of Publishers Guild have celebrated some of the literary classics.
• All the cultural expressions, such as cinema, art, and football, and even lead, are reflected in the programs.
• Book Fair served as a venue for several important meetings that marked the start of our fruitful friendship between Spain and West Bengal.
• he West Bengal government is looking forward to having a formal convergence with the Spanish Association, which is why we have requested detailed requirements from the Spanish secretary.
• On behalf of the West Bengal government, honourable chief minister, Mamta Banerjee, all the authorities and the media were thanked,
• On July 11, 2017, meeting with Chief Minister Mamta Banerjee assured of a successful venue shift from Milan Mela Prangan to Boi Mela Prangan.
• New publishers should be encouraged to come forward and publish their books in the upcoming years.
• Marked 25 crore sales this year, and expected to continue in upcoming years.
• There is a request to read more books and literature and welcome the new generation of publishers to write more inspiring stories in the coming days.
• This book fair is a pilgrimage, as the number of people who visited it was commendable.
• Because this fair is an emotional experience for all of us, the chief minister of West Bengal predicted a large crowd and chose Bidhannagar as the venue.
• Sudhanshu Sen, Dola Sen, and the other officials was thanked for such a beautiful arrangement.
• Bidhannagar is a green and clean city, and the Kolkata International Book Fair is part of this place, and efforts have been taken to organise the fair in a clean and tidy manner.
• Gaurav Sharma and the other officials helped to maintain law and order during the event,.
• A thank-you note to the chief minister for allowing me to support the International Kolkata Book Fair for 18 years now
• Thank you to Krishna and Gaurav Sharma, as well as the rest of the team, for their tremendous help with the International Kolkata Book Fair 2023.
• Thank you note to the Chief Minister for allowing free entry to the visitors, because of which the fair has been receiving a huge response.
• Though the digital era has increased the number of visitors to the fair, footfall has also increased.
• Swaapnomay Chakraborty received an honour from Publishers and Guild for his short stories and other writings.
• Professor Anil Acharya is also given an honour by the Publishers Guild.
• Electronic media has taken over books, but books have prevailed.
• We are very grateful to the Spanish Cultural Department.
• Spain, after England, has the largest population in the world, and mentioned many great writers in Spain.
• A book of Bengali literature should be translated into Spanish.
• Guilds and publishers should come forward not only for selling but also for promoting the books.
• A translation institute and a research institute should be established in West Bengal

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