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Nivedita Paul at Pondicherry

Photo tour of Pondicherry a traveller’s view

Ms.Nivedita Paul, a young dynamic lady from Kolkata, made a maiden tour of Pondicherry and sent us a few clicks from Pondicherry to share with our readers. Ms. Nivedita Paul is a talented person with...
Matri Mandir Auroville at Pondicherry

Auroville of Pondicherry – A unique place for Humanity and Peaceful coexistence of multicultural...

Just before the visit of President of India IBG NEWS made a visit to the holy place of Rishi Aurovinda and his dispel's in Pondicherry called Auroville. A day trip from Chennai was more than...
War of Titans in Tamilnadu

Narendra Modi urges All to Vote – Today is Festival of Democracy in Kerala,Tamilnadu,Puducherry

Today Tamilnadu,Kerala & Pondicherry is going to cast their vote to select the state government. Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged every one through tweet to cast the vote in this festival of Democracy. He said...
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