Mahul Brahma’s book ‘Dark Luxe’ explores the uncharted dark side of luxury

Author Mahul Dark Luxe Launch panel
Author Mahul Dark Luxe Launch panel

Mahul Brahma’s book ‘Dark Luxe’ explores the uncharted dark side of luxury

October 5, 2018, Kolkata: Luxury commentator and author Mahul Brahma launched his second book “Dark Luxe”, which explores the dark side of luxury, in an audience-packed Starmark bookstore at a city mall on October 5, 2018.

The “Luxe Duology” is the two part series of Mahul’s books on luxury – Decoding Luxe and Dark Luxe. This is the first duology of its kind on luxury internationally. The interesting part is that while the first is non-fiction the second is fiction. So it is not like a conventional story in two parts but a story none the less, unconventional and thrilling wherein it completes the entire spectrum of luxury – from dazzle to darkness.

Bibek Debroy, Chairman, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, said in the foreword: “If there is one person who is eminently qualified to write about luxury products, it is Mahul.”

The book has received praises from Mr Amitabh Bachchan, Mr Ratan Tata, Mr Harish Bhat (Brand Custodian, Tata Sons), Mr Jawhar Sircar (Former CEO Prasar Bharati), Mr Nirvik Singh (Chairman & CEO, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, GREY Group).

Mahul’s writings have been appreciated by Hon Governor of West Bengal Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi and Hon Chief Minister Ms Mamata Banerjee.

Mahul said, “Dark Luxe is not about dreams, it is about nightmares. The stories about the dark life of luxury are figments of my imagination, but certainly not limited by it. These tales are entwined with the historic evolution of these luxury brands. When we think of luxury we always think of dazzle, but we never even touch upon the darkness that silently hides behind this luxe. It is always about glam and glitz. Behind this razzle-dazzle, there is another life. A life filled with lust, hatred, jealousy, anger. Luxury is just a silent witness to the depth of darkness of human hearts. It is about those realities that safely hide behind the veil of luxe. These 13 short stories are from the darkest, bottomless pits of hell. These first-hand tales of horror are by stuff luxury is made of, straight from their heart, leaving a trail of blood.”

“My objective with the Luxe Duology is to expand the scope of luxury beyond “price tags” and make it more inclusive so that more and more people can start understanding, appreciating and accepting luxury as an integral part of their life and not shun it as something that belongs to another world,” he adds. 

Panelists with the author at the launch on the theme: “The Dark Side of Luxury” 

Prof Alok Kumar, Academician and Author
Mr Kounteya Sinha, Senior Journalist and Photographer
Mr Sumit Moitra, Senior Journalist, Graphic Novelist and Illustrator of Dark Luxe,
Anchor: Ms Saheli Mitra, author and journalist 


The launch was attended industry leaders and prominent personalities from all walks of life. The event witnessed a free-flowing and engaging discussion with the panelists talking about the book and luxury from their perspectives with numerous anecdotes.

About the book:

Dark Luxe is an anthology of 13 short stories on luxury. It is the second book of the “Luxe Duology” after “Decoding Luxe” by author and luxury commentator Mahul Brahma. From the glossy magazine pages with “price on request” tag, Dark Luxe takes readers to the other end of the spectrum. These horror stories are pure work of fiction and are crafted as tales from the proverbial horse’s mouth. Whether it is the Princess Cut Tiffany ring or the Rolls Royce Phantom or the Rolex watch or the luxury yacht or a Dom Perignon vintage champagne – all of them will share their tales as a silent witness that are far from the dazzle they exude. These stories are buried deep into the Mediterranean or in the sanctum-sanctorum of our hearts. Dark Luxe tells you the tale of how we humans are all the same in our core, dominated by one or many of the seven deadly sins.

Mr Amitabh Bachchan, Mr Ratan Tata have given his blessings for the book and Dr Bibek Debroy has written the foreword.

The book is published by Srishti Publishers.

About the author: Mahul Brahma is a luxury commentator and columnist. He is also an award-winning communicator, heading CSR, corporate communications and branding for mjunction, a Tata group company. He has been a senior journalist for a decade with Economic Times, CNBC TV18, Reuters and India partner of New York Times. He is an alumni of St Xavier’s College, University of Cambridge – Judge Business School and MICA. His debut micro short film “Post-It” as a filmmaker has received accolades from national and international film festivals. He is an avid golfer.


Praises for the ‘Dark Luxe’

Amitabh Bachchan

“Wishing Mahul continued success in all that he endeavors.”  

Ratan N Tata

“I wish Mahul’s book all the success.”

Bibek Debroy, Chairman, Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council

“If there is one person who is eminently qualified to write about luxury products, it is Mahul.”

Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi, Hon. Governor of West Bengal

“Let more writings come through the pen of Mahul.”

Smt Mamata Banerjee, Hon Chief Minister of West Bengal

“You and your writings always have all my blessings Mahul.”

Harish Bhat, Author, Brand Custodian of Tata Sons

“Congratulations and best wishes for your new book, Mahul!”

Jawhar Sircar, Former CEO, Prasar Bharati

“Mahul Brahma’s sequel is a bigger eye opener as he now goes backstage and presents the dark costs paid by many of those who aspire to succeed in the bewitching business of luxury and glamour. He speaks with characteristic candour and does not moralise, but hides nothing. A must read.” 

Nirvik Singh, Chairman & CEO, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, GREY Group

“With Dark Luxe, Mahul has ventured into an area which remains well guarded and never talked about. The stories are a refreshing as well as spine-chilling work of fiction. Blood and luxe is indeed a heady concoction. I wish it all the success.” 

Himika Chaudhuri, Editor, Commercial Content, Hindustan Times

“Each story has a classic twist and an interesting storyline. When I began to read the chapters, so as to be able to write this foreword, I found myself gliding from chapter to chapter, unable to stop.”