SRL Diagnostics Sets Up Patho-Lab at Barasat

SRL Diagnostics Sets Up Patho-Lab at Barasat


Extending its city-presence to benefit the suburbs, SRL Diagnostics has set-up a state-of-art pathological laboratory, the only kind, at Barasat. Spread over an area of 2200 sq feet, the lab is equipped to conduct superior quality testing and diagnosis of routine to specialized tests specially pertaining to historical pathologies prevalent in these regions.

This facility will account for Barasat’s geographic location, which being on the Gangetic-delta region majorly begets tropical climatic diseases like Dengue, Malaria, Chickungunya, acute encephalitis syndrome including Japanese encephalitis, Filaria and Kalaazar, lifestyle disease like diabetes, Asthma and metabolic disorders withstanding. Advanced tests pertaining to Biochemistry, CLIA Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Cytopathology & Serology can also be conducted here. They claim to deliver reports of standard tests such as Lipid, Sugar, Thyroid and FSH-LH-Prolactin in three to four hours. Molecular tests may take a few days.

Barasat lab has also adopted urban practice of assessing patient’s history and generating a unique barcode label for quick retrieval of samples. They have instituted a blood-collection service by qualified and trained Phlebotomists. Needless to say transportation of those and other samples are undertaken with regimented care.

Dr. Subhra Dhar, GM, Kolkata Reference Lab, SRL Diagnostics, Sukanta Pal, DGM, Sales & Marketing, East, Dr. Sunipa Ghosh, LabHead Barasat and Dr. Sunanda Dey, Sr. Microbiologist at SL centre who were all present at the announcement emphasized that having a lab is no big a deal if the equipment and reports are not reliable. They also iterated how SRL follows ‘two-level reporting’ which entails multiple-assessment depending on case-history and patient’s condition and they may go as far to consult with the treating medic to clarify.

It came about in the conference that there is no stringent requirement to start a facility resulting in unhealthy market practices.

Despite the in-depth procedural aspect the pricing is not heavy; rather it’s either competitive or less than the corresponding service fees.

Next they have plans to footprint in Hooghly (recently) and gradually to outer regions of Kolkata and Cuttack as well.

Timings – Monday to Saturday: 7:30 am- 8:00 pm
– On Sundays : 8:00 am to 4:00 pm