Hanshi Premjit has elected as the new President of Hapkido Federation of India

Hanshi Premjit
Hanshi Premjit

Another achievement added to Bengal’s list of achievements. Be it cricket, or be it Hapkido Bengalis are ruling the sports. 
Hapkido Federation of India which existed from the year 2011 had it an election and Premjit Sen has been elected as the new President of HFI which is the only affiliated unit of WHC, recognized by TAFISA which is further recognized by the International Olympic Committee. 

Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art which is used for self defence. It involves the techniques of different form of Martial arts . The self-defence technique, which originated in Korea after the Second World War, was developed by Choi Yong-Sool, and is believed to have evolved from a Japanese martial art called daito-ryu jujutsu. Grappling, throwing, ground-fighting and joint locks are all part of Hapkido . 

The President of HFI is grateful towards the President and the General Secretary of WHC to place their trust in him . 
Premjit Sen is known for his passion towards Martial Arts and has always stood by the athletes. As a President of HFI, he wants to make the Hapkido Nationals free , organise regular seminars from International coaches to give the best to the Indian athletes. 
Premjit Sen always believed that actions speaks louder than words and hence he has already started with his mission. He is organising a seminar from the 3 times world Champion,Mr.Hashempour Pashaki from 22nd November to 20th December every Sunday. 

The hard work of Premjit Sen for Hapkido is commendable and has been appreciated by various eminent personalities like His Excellency Mr Rajive Kaul( Honourable Consul General, Republic of Korea, Kolkata) Mr Prasun Banerjee, Honourable MP, Mr Arup Roy (Honourable Cooperation Minister), Mr Rajib Banerjee ( Honourable Minister in charge of Forest Department), Mr Swapan Banerjee (Honourable General Secretary of BOA) Mr Jay Prakash, (Honourable Mayor of North Delhi )and others. This dedication will definitely help him in his new endeavour.