INIFD Annual Show: Of Installations, Fabrics, Movies and Places

Actors Koneenica Banerjee (in yellow) And Shataf (in white) With INIFD Students At Their Annual Exhibition 2016.
Actors Koneenica Banerjee (in yellow) And Shataf (in white) With INIFD Students At Their Annual Exhibition 2016.

Kolkata, Thursday September 9|

INIFD held their Annual Exhibition recently encompassing fashion, interior and textile departments operating chiefly on the brief comprising movies and places. This three day affair was Inaugurated by actors Koneenica Banerjee and Shataf Figar.

Each room – ten of them – contained dedicated themes. Room one had PK-Mr. India inspired mash-up using thermocol and recylclable materials which incidentally pervaded pretty much the length of the exhibition complete with handmade hand-painted vestments. This particular room also had a jeep ‘bust’ – its engine brimmed up with energy drinks while opposite wall featured suti yarn figurine backgrounded by a tribal- motiffed wall flanked by taxonomical heads of a deer and a leopard on either side. The next room extended the idea with movies, Fashion and 3-Idiots. There was the bum-chair alright as was a bangle decorated and film-reel wrapped statuettes. Then there was this well where the letters were streaming into a suicide – empirical learning has nothing on rote – hear, hear.

Room three broke the trend with its spacious display of homefronts culled from all four Indian zones – Batali from Kashmir , sloping clay tiled roofs of South Kerala, Rajasthani “Jharokas” balconies and Bengal’s Brit red and green tiled and columned architecture. Moving up we came across a Gujrati ‘Garba’ in line with the theme – a navaratri scene with its trad fare amidst madhubani and kalamkari paintings.

Next we entered a room done by textile department and we were gifted a note-book bound in batik cloth and a cultural and spiritual amulet ‘Ojo de Dios’ (Spanish for God’s eye – symbolic of the power of seeing and understanding that which is unknown and unknowable. Near true to its original it was center-crossing green ice-cream sticks (in place of wood) woven in yarn, here rope in the shape of rhombus.

Home-furnishing filled the sixth – block-printing, jamdani, screen-printing on cotton, handwooven cotton / cotton muslin sarees.

Further up we walked into Goa beach scene – sand, make-shift table-top trinkets and a reflective night uninhibited by a casino table ideated by Bsc fashion II yr wards.

Thuds of bamboo poles of ritualistic Cheraw dance of Mizoram’s Chapchar Kut festival drew us in the per-penultimate space.Few mizo dishes, momo and chocolate pie were thrown in the mix.

This state surfaced up in its idiosyncratic cultural colors and mores while final installation was that of Tamil Nadu – hence icon of Linga Vaidehi temple on one wall, the other hosting representative state products – colored glasses, tunics, jute , bangles etc.