LPG Transportation will stop in Eastern India due to policy issues – 3800 tankers will loose business if immediate action not taken by Modi Government

Bulk LPG Transport Contractors Association (Eastern India) - Protest
Bulk LPG Transport Contractors Association (Eastern India) - Protest

Bulk LPG Transport Contractors Association (Eastern India) an apex body for the transporters associated with transporting LPG in interstate capacity among West Bengal,Bihar Jharkhand and Odhisa are stuck between the laws and go as you like attitude of Oil Marketting Companies.

As per their press meet and subsequent discussion it has been revealed that due to new rules set by oil marketing companies for unforeseen reasons made it almost impossible to continue the services at present terms.

As good as 3800 numbers of tankers registered with Nagaland registration number will be out of fleet and as they will not comply with new rule the entire fleet will be out of business.

During the meeting even senior citizen and super senior citizens from the owners community told that we are going to loose our ways and means to live a honest bread winners life. At this age we can not do any thing else.

We are forced to take the fleet off road just to made the papers comply with oil marketing companies. and for no reason it will lead to unofficial Chakka Bandh as vehicle needs to update the papers with RTO and it may lead to 2-3 months non supply of LPG.

If this happens that means after “Note Bandi” it will be “GAS Bandi” no house no business will be allowed to cook as they will not have gas.

Talking to the occassion the members and Mr. Gujral on behalf of the members told even South Indian transporters are also going to face same issue.

On top of it 7.5% less fees being paid to East transporters compared to other regions. This discrepancy none can justify why Government of India is not paying equal to all region.

An appeal association has placed through the press that Government of India must consider their request with utmost urgency and advice PSU Oil Companies to give relief to transporters and their families.

One truck creates job for more than 5-10 people directly and 40-50 indirectly as Dhaba wala,Puncture wala, Mechanic and hotel and guest houses.

Fecility for the drivers at loading and offloading plants are almost zero and they have to live as almost beggars like at those points.

A real food crisis is going to be created for nothing. We hope and have faith that government will find a way to create a all acceptable negotiation route to solve the dead lock.


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