Hash App Launched – Earn while you have Fun

Hash App Launch
Hash App Launch

Kolkata,24th February 2018:-

Hash is a concept grown by Mr.Rajat Sethi and turned into perfection by Mr.Vikash Bhangar and Ms.Harsha Lodha. These three partners along with SpitsVilla X fame Siddharth Sharma and Nibedita Pal explained the Hash app in the pre-launch event. It’s an app through which one can purchase a 1yr. privilege card membership @Rs.550/- or take a free 5 day trial through which one would get discounts at various gyms, restaurants, cafes, salons, pubs, gaming outlets, boutiques, etc.

Hash has started to tie-up with them. Hash is also a one step solution for marketing too. From TV to newspaper, from celebrity bytes to social media advertising, from youtube review video to everything, hash will be your marketing partner. Hash has started to provide exclusive marketing packages worth twice the amount they are offered for, starting from Rs.10,000.

A consumer can view the places where discounts are available category & location wise on the app. So, dealers get marketing, consumers get discounts at various places and both get additional earning from the best chain referral programme, in India.

Hash App Launch 2
Hash App Launch 2

With the points earned the consumers can purchase goods from the app. Whereas, the deal provides can transfer it to their bank account. Benefiting both sides, hash is all set to start off from march end. 



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