“Tagore in Short hands” – An Expression that stands apart in artistic tribute to the Legend

Tagore in Shorthands
Tagore in Shorthands

Indrajit Nattoji an artist with a rare blend of unique thoughts yet contemporary in approach and style. Rabindranath the World Poet is an inspiration of many for the ages and no Bengali is in the world who can ignore him as the ultimate brand ambassador for Bengali Culture.  

Actor Parambrata Chatterjee and artist both expressed their deep respect for the poet. Artist made many of the poems and songs as the theme for the portrait of Rabindranath.

This includes Chhuti, Hemanta, Kadambori and so on. Even Haiku style of Japanese poetry where ‘Fire Flies’ of Tagore has been used as one of the portrait themes.

Artist also told that any proceedings received out of this exhibition will be donated for underprivileged and differently-abled kids through “Tagore Foundations” an NGO. 

Tegore in Shorthands
Tegore in Shorthands


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