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According to European Union (EU) agencies, Afghanistan has been Europe’s main heroin supplier for more than 10 years (through 2008). Heroin enters Europe primarily by two major land routes: the long-standing ‘Balkan route’ through Turkey; and, since the mid-1990s, the ‘northern route’, which leaves northern Afghanistan through Central Asia and on to Russia (and is sometimes colloquially referred to as the ‘smack track’). There are an estimated 1.5 million (1.3–1.7 million) opioid users in the EU, with an average prevalence of 4 to 5 per 1,000. In 2005, there were around 7,000 acute drug deaths, with opioids being present in the blood of 70% of the deceased.

There was a minimum of 49,000 seizures resulting in the interception of about 19.4 metric tons (19.1 long tons; 21.4 short tons) of heroin. Countries reporting the largest number of seizures (in descending order): UK (2005), Spain, Germany, Greece, and France. Countries reporting the largest quantities of heroin seized in 2005 (in descending order): Turkey, UK, Italy, France, the Netherlands.

Presently, with the resurgence of high output production of opium and heroin in post-Taliban Afghanistan, there is an ongoing heroin addiction epidemic in Russia, which is claiming 30,000 lives each year, mostly among young people. There were two and a half million heroin addicts in Russia by 2009.

With raise of the Taliban again in Afghanistan and crunch in funds will make the illegal trade of Heroine a prime rout to get the fund for the Taliban.

But the irony is Poppy Seeds were globally sought-after food grains or spice kind seeds for many recipes. In India, the poppy seed price has gone up six-fold, and the reason is a global disturbance in poppy-producing countries along with illegal trade practices. Strict laws for poppy cultivation in India and elsewhere have brought down cultivation other than Afghanistan. Which is now stands less than the global demand for poppy seeds in India as well as elsewhere. Hence, poppy seeds price is increasing like gold dust.

Taliban under pressure for money has taken the route of heroin and Poopy seed as a cash crops. India in the last one week seized 3400 KG of Heroine in the Gujarat port.

Heroin (diacetylmorphine or morphine diacetate (INN), or Diamerfin (BAN) and the popularly known H, dope, smack, horse, brown, black, tar, etc.) Is an opioid type of painkiller. However, this drug is more valuable as a drug. In 184 c. R. Adler Wright synthesized morphine from the opium plant by adding two acetyl radicals. Chemically, it is a 3,6-diacetyl ester of morphine. It is a pre-medication of morphine.

Opium is a perennial herb. The flowers are white, pink, red, purple or miscellaneous. Flowers are 3 to 4 cm. Fruit capsules, spherical, spherical. Opium seeds 3 ml. Two-fiber soil is suitable for poppy cultivation.

Poppy flowers do not make drugs, there are many innocent species of poppy flowers that adorn the garden. Innocent philosophy This tree is a drug tree. When the fruit is ripe, the blade is deeply scratched with a blade. As a result, after 5 to 6 hours, streaks come out from the fruit and the farmers collect it. This is the raw material of opium. Other by-products are then made into organic chemicals by various chemical processes. It contains morphine in addition to heroin, which is used medicinally. Fruit seeds are used as curry. The name of the seed is poppy seed. The name of the peel of the fruit is Postadheri. The botanical name of the plant is Papaver Somniferum Linn.

But the positive use of Poppyseed is tremendous in the global food chain. Due to this turmoil in Poppy-producing states, price is very high for end users. Earlier in India 3-4 years back

Poppy seeds are used in cooking in different countries of the world.

In India, Iran, and Turkey, poppy seeds are known as ‘khas-khas’ or ‘hashas’ and are considered being rich in nutrients. It is mixed with white bread flour and is recommended for pregnant women and new mothers.

In European cuisine

German Monstolin
Poppy seeds (Somniferum of Papav) are found in large quantities in different parts of Central and Eastern Europe. Mature, powdered poppy seeds are eaten with pasta or boiled in milk and used to make a variety of pastries or desserts. Mature seeds are taken out in the factory or at home. However, this is usually done in a manual popcorn call.

Poppy seeds are widely used in Austrian, Croatian, Czech, German, Hungarian, Lithuanian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Turkish and Ukrainian cuisines.

In the former Yugoslav regions (especially Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia) there is an ancient tradition of making poppy seed pastries (Strudel, Baklava, Pagegle) and other dishes (pasta with poppy seeds).

Polish makowic, Slovak makovnik, a nut roll with poppy seeds
In Poland, Lithuania and East Slovakia, a traditional fruit is made with poppy seeds for Kuchios (Christmas) dinner. Poppy seeds are powdered and mixed with water or milk; Round East biscuits (Kuchiukai in Lithuanian; opicans or Bobalki in Slovak) are soaked in poppy ‘milk’ (poppy milk) and served cold.

Poppy seeds are very popular in Central Europe, especially during Christmas. In Germany, Poland and the former Austro-Hungarian countries, poppy pastries are called muinkacham and are eaten in large quantities at Christmas.

In Jewish cuisine
In Jewish cuisine in Eastern Europe, it has been a tradition since ancient times to add black poppy seeds mixed with sugar to make pastries. Which was exactly one month before the Jewish Passover and about a month before Easter. The traditional pastries made from poppy seeds are kalach and hamantesh. Sometimes both of them are called Beigil (Bezgil and pronounced). Until the inner puri was replaced with other fruits and nuts, the main traditional food of the Ashkenazi Jews of Purim was the hamantashen made of poppy seeds. Poppy seed pastries are available at Jewish bakeries and food stores in the United States.

In Indian cuisine
In Indian cuisine, white poppy seeds are used for food concentration, texture and aroma. To make korma, a mixture of poppy seed powder, coconut and other spices is made and added towards the end of cooking. It is very difficult to grind them in their raw state. So for proper concentration they are usually fried / boiled and powdered while water is added.

Poppy seed paste in Assamese – Afu Guti (Afu Guti), Hindi / Marathi – Khas Khas (Khas Khas, Oriya – Posta, Bengali – Posto, Kannada – Gasagase , Telugu – Gasagasa or Gasagasalu, Tamil – Casa Casa (கசகசா) and Malayalam – (കശ കശ).

Poppy seeds are widely used in Maharashtrian cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, Andhra cuisine, Bihari cuisine, Bengali cuisine, Oriya cuisine and Malabar cuisine (North Kerala).

In Maharashtra, poppy seeds (khas khas in Marathi) are used to decorate moya. It is a special type of dessert that is made in the festival of Diwali. Sometimes it is mixed with fermented milk.

In Gujarat, poppy seeds are commonly used in sweets. It is most commonly used to decorate traditional Indian sweet laddu.

In Bengal (West Bengal and Bangladesh) white poppy seeds are called posto. It is very popular as the main ingredient in various foods. A very popular dish is potato posto (potato and poppy seeds). It is cooked with plenty of poppy seed potatoes to make a smooth, rich meal that is occasionally eaten with rice. This main dish is made using different ingredients instead of potatoes. Such as: onion (onion posto), shrimp (shrimp posto), chicken (chicken posto) and the most popular are shrimp (shrimp posto). Cooked poppy seeds are sometimes served without any other ingredients. Food concentrations vary based on domestic traditions. There are many more poppy seeds. Bengali cuisine has a dish called chachhari to which long chopped vegetables, sometimes stalks of green leafy vegetables are added. Mustard or poppy seeds and other spices are cooked over low heat and boiled to add flavor. In a dish, the posto is pressed like a grill, sometimes fried (posto big). In another dish, uncooked poppy seeds (raw poppy seeds) are mixed with mustard oil, chopped green chilies, raw onions, and rice.

In Karnataka cuisine, Payas (Kannada: ಪಾಯಸ ಪಾಯಸ) is very popular in Gasagas in the southern part of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. It is a liquid confection made with white poppy seeds, molasses, coconut, and milk. White poppy seeds are also used in various dishes in Andhra cuisine which is known as Gachalu (గసాలు) in Telugu.

The seeds alone do not contain significant amounts of the drug. But opium known as doda Tea is often controversially used in the roots of opium poppies, especially seed heads, to contain significant amounts of the drug. Popular among some South Asian communities, this doda is made by crushing dried opium seeds and bran well and mixing it with hot water or tea. Doda is made in Canada from opium poppies brought from Afghanistan and Arizona. These are brought in for legitimate reasons like gardening, but are sold illegally in some meat shops.

Other uses
In traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda), it is said to make a paste by mixing soaked poppy seeds with milk and use it as a skin moisturizer.

Poppyseed chips extract poppy seed oil, which is commercially highly valued and has versatile uses in cooking, industry, and medicine.

Whole poppy seeds are also used in some medicine ঃ viscosistinal fistula is a simple, accurate, and inexpensive test.

It is also sometimes used as a bird food, in this case they are called mo seeds.

But this Talibani need for funds has created tears in the Kitchen of Bengal and elsewhere in the World for sure. The world must be vigilant about the drug economy growing around the Taliban Afghan Drug business. Post covid common people and poor have lost livelihood so they will fall pray to Popy mafias around the world and influx of drugs will increase in the society.

Mafias around the world who used to invest in real estate have lost a great amount of money due to the pandemic and devaluation of real estate prices created pressure to fall back in old drugs market economy. This easy drug money will trigger the illegal arms trade in the south-east Asia and elsewhere.

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