Commissioning of 3″ LINE BETWEEN NAIHATI & KALYANI FROM 15.03.2023 TO 19.03.2023 – DRM Sealdah Explains

DRM Sealdah Press Meet
DRM Sealdah Press Meet
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Commissioning of 3″ LINE BETWEEN NAIHATI & KALYANI FROM 15.03.2023 TO 19.03.2023

Naihati to Ranaghat section is a double-line electrified section. To increase the sectional capacity to run more Passenger Trains, the third line between Naihati Ranaghat was sanctioned as MM of Kalinarayanpur-Krishnanagar doubling vide estimate no. 10 CAO/CON of 2012-13..

■ Cost of project – Rs. 283.54Crore.

Length of Naihati – Kalyani – 10.371Cm.

The traffic congestion between NH and KYI will be decreased by approximately 2O% after the commissioning of the 3111 line with an automatic signaling system between NH and KYI. As such more numbers of trains could be dealt with in this section. This line will act as a reversible line for carrying traffic in both directions.

In light of the above, another 05 days non-interlocking period is required In continuation with the previous block from 10.03.2023 to 14.03.2023. The following works is required to be executed during the non-interlocked period.

Dismantling of existing Points & Crossing points & Crossing to connect the new line with the existing running line.

Electronic interlocking will be provided at Naihati, Halisahar, Kanchrapara, and Kalyani stations.

Automatic Signaling will be provided in Naihati to Kalyani section with the provision of signals at 1 KM in the block section so multiple trains can be entered in the block section at a time.

Train cancellation in connection with commissioning of 3rd line with Automatic Signaling work between NH (Naihati)-KYI (Kalyani), Non-Interlock work will be taking on hand on and from 15.03.2023 to 19.03.2023. Cancellation of Train on 15.03.2023 to 19.03.2023 for avoid bunching between NH (Naihati) and KYI (Kalyani) on SDAH – RHA section is sanctioned.

Consequently, the following arrangement will be done on trains operation on 15.03.2023 to 19.03.2023


0809 00000000

01. 31317 (SDAH-KYI) will be short terminated at NH instead of KLYM

and 30128 (KLYM-MJT) will short originated from NH instead of KLYM.

02. 34056 (KLYM-KBGB) will be short originated from BP instead of KLYM by the rake of 30113 (BBDB-BP).

Dated:- 14.03.2023

UP          DN00UPUPDN
25            2504040606

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