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Almost a million devotees in Thailand paid obeisance to the sacred relics of Lord Buddha and his disciples Arahant Sariputta and Arahant Maha Moggallana in Bangkok.

PM hails the ideals of Lord Buddha

PM hails the ideals of Lord Buddha By PIB Delhi The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today hailed the ideals of Lord Buddha as millions of devotees in Thailand paid obeisance to the sacred relics of...
Lord Buddha at Sikkim

Lord Buddha said – Misery to Liberated

"Buddha said - Misery to Liberated "(Edited By: Venerable Master Buddha Priya Mahathero ,SUSWM, Kolkata ,INDIA, [email protected]) Namo BuddhayaNamo AmitafoNamo Adidaphat Dear All Meditators, all Seekers of Inner Happiness, all pious Devotee's!, Every one want to...
Narendra Modi at Buddhapurnima

India Celebrating Buddha Purnima along with the World – Leaders greeted Nation on the...

Narendra Modi at Buddhapurnima

Buddha Purnima Celebrated Across the Globe – President,PM and Mamata Banerjee Wished all on...

Lord Buddha and his advices are more relevant than ever in this unrest condition of the world. Love peace and anger less world is what people are searching out all alone. In  this Buddha Purnima...

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